New Women’s Racing Sub-Class For 2015 European Junior Cup

The Junior European Cup will incorporate a new kind of careers for women as part of the 2015 season. Female runners compete in the EJC will earn points for the series Championship, as well as points for the women’s new Europe Cup. The point female scorer higher at the end of the season was crowned champion of the European Cup of Europe FIM women.

New Women’s Racing Sub-Class For 2015 European Junior Cup

A series of support in the eight European rounds of the Superbike World Championship, the EJC serves as a launching pad for young talent in racing who seek career in international motorsport. The new subclass will serve the same purpose in the promotion of female runners. 2014 EJC had two regular female runners, Carmen Geissler and Clarissa Miebach of Germany and Switzerland. New Zealand Scouts Fletcher also competed as a wildcard at the Magny-Cours round.

“We are very pleased and excited to announce this new initiative to encourage young women to motorcycle racing,” says Gerry Bryce, director of the Europe Cup Junior Pata series. “In recent years we have had several talented female pilots competing in the European Junior Cup leg, so it’s great to extend that participation in a new championship.”

The EJC allows drivers as young as 14. By 2015, the age limit for runners males increases to 21 from the previous limit of 19. The age limit for female runners is set at 23.

By 2015, the series will be moving from the use of Honda CBR500R to the CBR650F. The entrance to the series will cost you US$ 28570, covering the CBR650F, tires, fuel, oil, brake pads racing-prepared and technical support and training.

“We can now offer the incentive of Championship affordable and unique women, while they are still competing with youth in conditions of equality and equality Honda machinery,” says Bryce. “Increasing the age for male riders follow recent changes in other classes and is a positive step to offer even more young riders the opportunity to compete and develop their skills in the international arena. Along with the launch of the new bike Honda CBR650F control of EJC, these changes will provide an experience of great racing for the young men and women with talent in 2015 and more beyond”.


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