2015 bultaco brinco

For a long time the pedal-assist bicycles and bikes in general are painting itself dreary development to mopeds. The renewed Bultaco has seen the opportunity in this trend and launches the Bultaco Brinco 2015.

2015  bultaco brinco

It is more than a pedal-assist bike, its electric motor of 2.7 HP of power and content weight allowing you to experience performance moped despite being able to play with pedals that includes. The first 175 units of the model for the May 17 date of birth of Don Paco Bulto are included in the limited edition release of ‘ Bultaco is Back Limited Edition’. Now you can book for 4.800 euros and deliveries will be made in April.

Makes are certainly more ‘ good’ mountain bike that bike, although with regard to these in the part of the aluminum chassis is the motor, which is powered by a Li-ion battery – lito 1 portable kWh which is recharged in 2 hours with a conventional plug. This combination provides great versatility of the model, it can reach up to 60 km/h maximum speed in electric mode, with an immediate torque of 60 Nm. These are the driving modes:

  • • Sport mode: Enjoy all benefits, torque of 60 Nm and maximum speed exceeding 60 km/h.
  • • Urban: mixed mode to enjoy the March from one side to another without emissions. Range of 30 kilometers.
  • • ECHO: puts the minimum energy consumption by combining the electric motor with pedals. Maximum of 100 km-autonomy.

Bultaco Brinco cycle off road makes the part valid for use. Not so light like a bicycle with its 33 kilos in weight 7 of them in the battery, but it is much lighter than any conventional motorcycle. He also enjoys upside down fork 200 mm travel, single with piggy back of 220 mm, 9 speed transmission, tires mixed and disc brakes floating 203 mm on both axes of 4 Pistons on the front axle.bultaco brinco 2015

And by last the Bultaco Brinco is also the latest in connectivity technology, since via the attached smartphone you can enjoy of geolocation and all the advantages of knowing the distance, speed or power consumption in real time. Finally a keyless ignition system (made with a wristband that unlocks the moto-bike direct contact) puts the icing on the cake to a concept novel but not for all budgets.

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