Ducati Scrambler Test

With its new Scrambler, we just try in California USA, Ducati is element of the tendency by offering a motorcycle style vintage extremely in vogue, even as maintaining its basics. Twin Desmodue, part-cycle with onions, Ducati Scrambler and its large carved gommards stick the banana on every one of fronts. The announced become success!

The section of California and especially the city of Palm Springs to present a new motorcycle is rather unusual for a European producer. Ok all right but this is: Ducati Scrambler of the modern era comes totally out of the current standards of the Borgo Panigale producer. By means of its 4 variants, its lines of clothing, equipment and dedicated accessories, it creates a brand in the brand. This is at least what we announce guests. And as the Scrambler conveys this image of the ride to the cool, that it inevitably surfed the current wave of character bikes, sleek, retro look, what better place than this initiator region of trends to reveal it to the world?

But in the place outstanding where we disembark, even before to make acquaintance with our trial frames, we are invited to immerse ourselves in the universe marketing Scrambler. The framework is especially Moose, it’s nice. Exit technical presentations which we used ordinary, in the Land of Joy refers to advantage of aesthetics, we play in the pingpong in drinking a few refreshments, before getting a beard trimming! Transported by the selection of pretty DJ, we contemplate the wall works of urban performers. In short, we are first invited to immerse us in this special atmosphere and take good time! But will it take as much to the handlebars of the bike that we have come to test?

Ducati Scrambler Test

Ducati Scrambler as Shine in Society

The first contact with the Scrambler is promising. Already, you have to admit that our Icon of test model is endearing in its yellow chick color, indistinguishable to the old 1962 model. Water tank to the inserts drop alu, round headlight, neat finish of the engine crankcases, protection of pot in aluminium, extensive saddle latest retro-style, big sculptured tyres and wide handlebars, she throws! Okay, the reflectors installed on the inverted forks and the catch tank placed on the left of the Desmodue twin are not the best effect. But rest assured: they are reserved for the California versions of the Scrambler, local standards require.

The installation on board is a formality. Close to the crotch, the saddle perched 790 mm above the floor turns accessible, even for a small template, such as that of the Trier to 1.61 m in our group. Ample and high, the handlebar requires to away and raises their arms, but as it is sufficiently tilted towards the driver, the Ducati Scrambler is conducted right bust. The greatest feel a discomfort in legs because of foot-a little high. At least, this provision allows household guard this bike also called out the beaten ground.

Ducati Scrambler Test

Taking hands without head

The road trip begins with a passage on the Highway 10, through the Silent Valley plain at countless wind turbines. Impressive! But before joining the motorway we leave Palm Springs, via a large typically American avenue, where the Scrambler reveals a more than obvious grip. The bike light and fine – 170 kg dry and 186 in market order, according to Ducati – tame indeed without any instruction.

In addition, its non-adjustable levers catch naturally and despite a little high placement of the footrests, commands remain accessible. It must however be break down its movement to lock the reports of a gearbox somewhat wayward, perhaps for the lack of break-in. At least, the clutch control is not rude and the immediate throttle response.

Ducati Scrambler Test

On the Ribbon of asphalt to four lanes, the Scrambler reveals a behaviour. Its handling is indeed little criticism and its good travel suspensions appear adequate flexibility to absorb successfully the – too many! -pavement irregularities. On the other hand, the absence of protection does not encourage to drag on this type of road. This is good, because we head now to the mountains to join Idyllwild, a small town perched at 1,610 m altitude. The Scrambler enters steep!

A Slight Lack of Charisma

Comparable to some roads in the Alps, the section leading us towards the pass at 1,800 meters meanders surrounded by mountains to the apparent rock. On the rough asphalt strewn with gravel, the Pirelli MT60 offer a good grip, despite their large paving stones. Thanks to the dual rear tender flanks and counterpart mono-gomme at the front of 18 inches, developed particularly for this motorbike, which, thanks to the forks of good quality, ensures precise guidance as well as conduct casting on the progressions.

The mechanical atmosphere offered by the 803 CC twin air is not exceptional. Nothing to do for example with the soul of the twin of the Moto Guzzi V7 II. Its sound, especially, lack somewhat of charisma for our taste. As the performance of the block that is derived from that of the Monster 796, whereby it makes 12 horses, they are adequate but not impressive. Nevertheless, they are superior to those of the Triumph 900 Scrambler.

Ducati Scrambler Test

Both Qualities Road and Adventurous at once

The twin-cylinder Ducati also presents a linear character, in keeping with the spirit of the Scrambler, which operates between 3 000 and 6 500 rpm. In caed, the twin sniffs. Hereafter, it gradually steam and some vibrations make their appearance, without however prove to be really disturbing. On the side of transmission, we regret a few must be dead, spots but the tie ring of the box is such that you can still wrap on the sixth report on the rise.

A lunch is organized to Ronald Camp, a permanent ranch installed on a plateau, in the midst of a forest of redwoods. Beautiful! In this context, rather than take part in the various festivities organized by our hosts (barbecue, archery…), we are pursuing the discovery of the Scrambler on sandy and muddy trails. The ergonomics of the new Ducati is adapted to the terrain. Standing on the foot, we master perfectly the topic through the balance of the bike, its reasonable weight, its end reservoir and its wide handlebars. The ground clearance is sufficient, the suspensions ensure a good progression without hook and tires here also offer very good traction. In short, we have fun as they say here! Mind scrambler is intact!

Ducati Scrambler Test

Driving dynamic don’t be afraid

Of course excluding bitumen, to afford beautiful slides, we must think to disconnect ABS series. Via two buttons on the left commodo, handling is easy, the validation appearing on the cute meter circular full LCD. Back on the hard, this braking with yet that two disks distills a very good bite, coupled with a perfect progression, to the front and the back. Well done!

Back to Palm Springs: our test day ends with the crossing of the San Bernardino Park, we taking him to the doors of the desert in an endless descent. Led large train, Ducati Scrambler reveals a very good dynamic potential. Its cycle is healthy, reassuring, the rocking horse effect being well content on mass transfer and maintenance of Cape curved difficulty paying the flank to criticism. In this context, one arrives at the boundaries of the ground clearance and the footrests scrape. But rest assured, there is margin.

Ducati Scrambler Test

As per our Appraisal: It will make a cardboard

The Ducati Scrambler is an endearing motorcycle. Be it for its successful neo-retro look, ease of grip for a 800 cm3 or its ability to take you on all fronts, she really impressed us. The marketing around this model plan is no weighing; on the other hand we comprehend the approach of the producer or manufacturer to broaden the prism of its regular clientele. Because the Scrambler is really different from what Ducati has proposed to us until then.

With a price starting at US$ 10,500 for the Red Icon the Yellow Icon is displayed $ 122 more), its quality/price ratio seems particularly attractive. Proposed US$ 12,220, Full Throttle, Urban Enduro and Classic versions are a little less. The fact remains that they bring a real originality on the segment. Whatever it is, there is now little doubt that the Scrambler of the modern era will mark his time. Bets are taken!

Here are some beautiful pictures of Ducati Scrambler in gallery bellow.

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