New Ducati 999 Pirate Edition by Iron Pirate Garage

Panigale 1299 is the latest Super bike with Ducati, the 999 remains a model of choice when one sees this signed preparation Iron Pirate Garage.

New Ducati 999 Pirate Edition by Iron Pirate Garage

Mr. Castaldi, in addition to being at the head of the small Iron bar pirate garage, is an artist touches everything. Mechanics, welding, electricity, forging, nothing resists this man who delivers his latest creation on the basis of the famous Ducati 999.

If we do not know if Pierre Terblanche, the papa of the 999, recently recruited by Royal Enfield would be proud of this Pirate Edition Ducati 999, on our side we can only emphasize the big work in the small workshop located in Tuscany, Italy. In addition to having literralement dépoile the Italian Super bike, Iron Pirate Garage is attached to a Cafe Racer of cores we do not refuse to try.

In Tuscany, a new developed nude based on a Ducati 999 was born, the maxisportiva of Borgo Panigale with arms swinging bibraccio. Via the fairings, low exhaust and fairing replaced with a style of coffee single-seater racing, tail. The recipe is simple, but the result of great effect.

New Ducati 999 Pirate Edition by Iron Pirate Garage

Cafe Racer Ready Track

One of the most beloved by the customizes is the Cafe racer, the recipe is simple, you remove all superfluous a bike and retro details are added to enhance the spirit of sport. Such is the case with the Ducati 999 Pirate Edition, the latest creation of iron Pirate Iuri Garage Castaldi, who, in his workshop, at the same time is mechanical, electrical repair, welder, Turner and locksmith. The basis of this set-off, as its name suggests, is the Ducati 999, the maxisportiva at the beginning of Borgo Panigale Millennium, much discussed by ducatist.

New Ducati 999 Pirate Edition by Iron Pirate Garage

It is the successor of the series 916/996/998, designed by Massimo Tamburini and characterized by the swingarm to single sided, dual exit exhaust, headlight and amatissino Pasi desmodromic. In terms of style, the 999 by Pierre Terblanche, with its innovative headlight and its bibraccio arm, marked a sharp break from previous models. On the track, however, the 999 a managed well to great: titles of three singles in the Superbike World Championship during his five years of life.

Garage Pirate railway decided to take the 999, fairing undresses, it and give it a new look of nu: do you have the Pirate edition. The strong points are the lighthouse in a minimalist table top, low flow pushes the sky and stringy tail of Cafe racer. For the rest, the 999 is the usual way of Monster.


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