Project 7MC Concept Motorcycle by Jaguar

Automotive brands who are interested in the bike, there is nothing new. On the other hand, for the Jaguar brand and Bike Jaguar Concept Creator makes for a killer combo.Project 7MC Concept Motorcycle by Jaguar

The English, in the same way that the like English motorcycles brands. Ariel is about to deliver his Ace on basic VFR 1200F, Lotus comes from launch production of 100 copies of its C-01 RC8 – R engine and this is that Jaguar invites us to imagine what might look like a two-Wheeler created by the firm to the feline.

Carried out on the basis of a Triumph Speed Triple, this Jaguar Project 7MC concept emerged from the imagination of the designer Hungarian Tamas Jakus and is largely inspired by the Jaguar Project 7, a limited edition of Type F powered by a V8 horsepower 575, nothing that it.

Project 7MC Concept Motorcycle by Jaguar

Although the Jaguar Project 7 ™ is a simple concept, we here at Motorcycle Times cannot help feeling that if Jaguar was to entertain producing a two-wheeler, it might look like something like that Hungarian designer Tamàs Jakus dreamed and for good reason.

The 7 ™ project is a hybrid, taking the Triumph Speed Triple and turning on its head by adding elements of the Jaguar F-TYPE 7 project to turn it into something we would sell our right arm to roll.

Combining a tubular steel frame of the Speed Triple, the 7TM project has a windshield sport, insects double headlights, an elegant fuel tank and smooth wheels five carbon spokes slightly differing sports rims of the Triple. Combine that with the power roaring behind convertible Jaguar F-TYPE – of which only 250 were made – and you have an absolute dream machine.

Project 7MC Concept Motorcycle by Jaguar

This is not the first foray into the concept of motorcycles for Jessica. Here’s something you do not see every day a Jaguar motorcycle.

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