US Army Produced a Silent Hawk Electric Motorbike

Developed US Army quiet motorcycles stealth electric bikes can sneak of combatants to the opponent.

  • US Army Produced a Silent Stealth Electric Motorbike
    • Muffler Falcon is a hybrid motorcycle for use in reconnaissance missions
    • For normal operation, which bike would be diesel, jet fuel and gasoline use
    • Close to enemy lines, we ran silently fast power this bike
    • said logos technologies is silent Falcon could travel on its most complex hybrid engine of relief during a period Längeren at 55 mph (88 km/h)
    • Eighteen (18) months will test the first operational prototype in where categories unveiled specifications
    An elite group of special forces in the race of ground-lines over stealth enemy motorcycles, which would be veterans of nia came.
    It is this is the scenario of the army with his hopes for the development of the “Silent Hawk” – a hybrid motor dirt bike for use in U.S. reconnaissance missions.
    The idea is operating normal machine uses diesel, kerosene and gasoline. But if it approaches the enemy, EST would silently fast on electricity.US Army Produced a Silent Stealth Electric Motorbike

Producers of seiner, Virginia logos would be technologies, motorbike more strong that the vacuum a little more strong average mode, reach up to 75 decibels.
According to the company, it also the silent Hawk could travel engine on its hybrid emergency complicated a period Längeren at 55 mph (88 kph).

Internal combustion engine will be detachable removable i.e. Falcon silent all-electric and take or even shed weight problems are parties.
Is that can makes its own motorcycle battery for up to 50 miles (80 km). But this concept is still developing and have yet announced specifications for categories.

Advanced Research of Defence Agency (DARPA) started the project in the last moto and now Hat year of manufacturer subsidies to develop is tender.US Army Produced a Silent Stealth Electric Motorbike
Logos is the plan now means “to an aggressive program of phase II before continuing only 18 months, with the aim of developing and the first test of in operational prototypes”. ”
Silent Hawk is based on the electric motorcycle of the skin, the RedShift used MX is high Chassis, while the hybrid engine is developed by logos.
Command of U.S. special operations already trying to use an all-electric zero MMX bike use, however lasted only 2-hour battery.
It is not only commands steal motorbikes will be bald. In August, it was announced that the police approach unnoticed criminal use bicycles could.
Motorcycle, designed by zero motorcycles North of California, hat that of up to 98 mph (158 kph) top speed, so that the police to track down the criminals, Hawk approach failed.

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