Triumph Scrambler Review 2015

Triumph plays the card of exclusivity, fashion and lifestyle, especially with its Classic series of range. The Triumph Scrambler is the most desirable, above the comfortable Bonneville and Thruxton. His more rebellious image and its twin high exhaust have some of the blame, but Steve Mc Queen that halo is what really makes it special.

Triumph Scrambler  Review




The Scrambler is small in size but big in character. With two-tone paint, shields in relief of deposit, a very wide handlebar, minimum body, its characteristic dual exhaust, black rims and tires mixed, it passes on a first look a real bike time.

Scrambler Equipment and Ergonomics

The equipment of the Scrambler is reduced to two analog watches that form the instrument panel it one of them, we found a small digital display for odometer, two partial and clock time. Doesn’t even have a hollow under the seat, if you want to carry documentation on the bike, you have to search the hole next to the tools in one of the side covers.

The contact is located to the left of the lighthouse and the steering lock on the right side of the pipe with another wrench. Uncomfortable? A little, but is one of the features of the classic Triumph identity.

Scrambler Reduced Equipment

The driving position is peculiar, back straight, high seat 825 mm, advanced, little bent legs and very wide handlebars but low, not as we are accustomed in the curious trail. Ok! To this must be added that the exhaust runs along the right side and opens up a bit the leg in addition to warm it up. It’s unusual but not uncomfortable and in addition has details of ergonomics not found in sports super megachachi of almost 200 HP, the adjustable brake and clutch levers.

Triumph Scrambler  Review

The passenger will be comfortable, your only problem is that it costs you to see the road because it is at the same height as the driver. There are no handles, so better if there is trust between the two occupants.

Triumph Scrambler  Engine and Part Cycle

More classicism here, although here the Scrambler shows its more current. On the retro side, we have a 2-cylinder engine in parallel of 865 cc air-cooled developed 59 Horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 68 Nm of torque at 4,750 rpm.

We continue with a manual gearbox 5 speed, chassis of simple, tilting steel of steel, conventional fork and dual rear shock 19 and 17-inch spoked rims. Aah! puller for air. Up to their classicism, because Carburetors hiding inside an electronic fuel injection system that improves the consumption about 5.5 liters of apace media, brakes are disc calipers with Nissin pump and inside of the muffle is not exactly 50 years ago.

Triumph Scrambler  Review

One final thing very Triumph, drive chain runs along the right side of the bike.

Dynamic Testing of the Triumph Scrambler

With the Scrambler enjoying classical feelings but only half, enjoying good classical feelings and forget boot problems, failure of carburizing, lack of power and progressiveness in braking, few suspensions and all those details of old motorcycles. But do not think that is like riding a modern bike, have been able to leave those details easily ‘sufribles’ which evoke you memories of past times and make it clear that you’re not at the controls of a single naked.

Triumph Scrambler  Review

Do not think that it would be more expensive to do that the Scrambler appeared much better, be more Plumb and had a few more effective suspensions. But for that you would buy a Street Triple which has a similar price and is a real machine devoracurvas . The Scrambler, like the rest of the range Classic Triumph is another roll.

Triumph Scrambler  Review

It is a bike for quiet which is not to say slow chaining curves without them pulling anchor and to stop sinking fork. A bike to enjoy the tenderness and elasticity of its two cylinder, of the good touch of change and performing actions in advance, as with the authentic classic but infinitely more safe and comfortable. In addition, if you are going as a shot do not give time to see you and that’s one of the strengths of these bikes, like that they look at them, they are a few flirty and make friends in all the traffic lights or intermediate stops in your outputs domingueras.

Triumph Scrambler  Review

Driving posture requires a short period of adaptation, the handle seems very wide and rather low but when you get him the point enjoy it. The beautiful exhaust double its main distinguishing be more uncomfortable than it seems.

The opinion of the tester

Curios, I really like the Scrambler is nice staff, easy to drive and comfortable, but I liked more before trying it. After traveling hundreds of kilometers with her at all the possible scenarios are now cleared me doubts between Scrambler and Bonneville. The Bonnie is more agile and precise, perhaps in its basic version does not have the charm of the T 100 and the Scrambler, but moves better and I much appreciate the dynamic behavior.

What’s more, if you decided to sacrifice performance in favor of aesthetics, I would stay with the Thruxton, its image cafe-racer and its ‘retro-racing’ for very uncomfortable feelings to be. Although we are sure that whenever she would pass a Scrambler would be watching me her with bobo face. How hard but I liked every thing!!!

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