Ducati Scrambler Spotlight This Weekend in Verona

The Motor Bike Expo Verona Fair  will throw Jan. 23, the veil on three Ducati Scrambler customized by preparers such as Deus Ex Machina, Officine Mermaid and Mr Martini.Ducati Scrambler spotlight this weekend in Verona

Since its official introduction at the Intermot in Cologne fair, September 30, the preparers of the world snapped this Ducati Scrambler. They adopt all styles and it’s him going beautifully.Ducati Scrambler spotlight this weekend in Verona

Each of the above 3-mentioned preparers have received a clear directive: free rein to their ideas and their desires! Deus Ex Machina of this Milan a cross-racing version typically in the “Scrambler” idea, Officine Mermaid interprets and Mr Martini the Ducati as a urban enduro played more classic.

Ducati Scrambler spotlight this weekend in Verona

After the launch of their new Scrambler late 2014, Ducati has sent three three custom bike builders and asked them to go wild and creative with these machines. Deus Ex Machina, siren and Officine M. Martini were the three lucky workshops that have been selected to deliver the personalized first official Ducati Scrambler bikes and they are ready to enter the spotlight now.Ducati Scrambler spotlight this weekend in Verona
These three bikes will be created at the upcoming Motor Bike Expo 2015 in Verona, Italy, 23-25 January, which means you can actually see them in the flesh if you are this weekend in northern Italy. Deus siren Officine and Mr. Martini each received a different version of the Scrambler, because the main idea behind this was not a contest between these modders but in a very cool way to show people how wild new Ducati machine can go. Custom shops received a Full Throttle, urban and classic Enduro, respectively. How cool are crawling resulting judge, it is for you.Ducati Scrambler spotlight this weekend in Verona

The Ducati Scrambler is an affordable bike and ready to be customized. See list of accessories, there are what have fun! For example, there are all sorts of , carbon,with chrome tanks lined and a camouflage coating. There are also several types of front fenders tank bags, , as well as plate materials and Termignoni exhausts in low or high arrangement, wheels, handlebars, mirrors.

If you want to know about the Scrambler, you just visit the official web by Ducati.


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