Enduro du Touquet 2015 2 for Valdez 3 for Yamaha

For its 40th edition, famous the Touquet enduro failed not to his reputation, lot of sand, lots of people, more than 1,000 pilots and harsh climatic conditions, including a wind cold and strong came from North.

Enduro du Touquet 2015 2 for Valdez 3 for Yamaha

Once again, all had therefore met to ensure the show and suspense, between old experienced wolves and the new bold wave. Probably Jean Claude foam winner of the Touquet 2013 – forget as fast this edition 2015, after its abandonment following a fall, having damaged his radiator with to the key a broken engine. Among other favorites, Steve Ramon and Antoine Meo  will abandon them also.

By contrast, Adrien Van Beveren display for the second consecutive time the most prestigious motorcycle on sand racing has its track record:

“It’s my second victory and I am very happy! I managed to make a difference early in the race and I increased my pace throughout. I don’t plan to stop there and I hope that this is only the beginning of a long list of victories. The performance of my bike  Yamaha YZF 450 helped me win the holeshot thanks very good point on the straight line speed.”

A near 165 km/h, Van Beveren crossed the narrows at the top and won the thousand promised euro, introduction to a very promising day for the youngster of 25 years. In his wheel, beautiful world, already, like Grzegorz Martens, Daymond Martens soon faced the first riders stopped in the sand plug.

However, Van Beveren retained the head, despite pressure from the Belgian pilots. Subsequently played also at the first of the three mandatory pit stops. Van Beveren was the last to return at the end of its fifth round. Despite a small collision with a latecomer, the french driver will rank on the 14 towers of 13 km, and will pass the finish line after 3 h 02’46.986 race, followed by Daymond Martens at 5’50.964, Julien Tournessi at 6’32.862 and Olivier Pain in a round.

At the ATV, it is french Jeremie Warnia and his Yamaha YZF450R which applies in 2 h ’42’ 33, ahead of Mat Ternynck and Jeremy Forestier

In the MX2 class junior, Maxime Renaux imposes his Yamaha YZ 125 2 – stroke. The French for 14 years, is the first rider to win the junior Enduropale du Touquet MX2 class on a 125. He has completed 24 laps and finished with a time of 1 h 30’52.082.

In passing, it should also be the full carton for Yamaha, which is needed by 2015 in three categories, hat!

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