Harley-Davidson Sportster Ameri Tracker by Roland Sands

This Harley’s machine is Vintage Flat Track workhorse meets modern race inspired detailing. Shows a stable RSD parts and how they can be used to create a highly functional dirty version of your HD Sportster for use on the road and the local hooligan short track event.

From the dirt track that inspired Del Mar in the steel works Slant Pipe wheels, is the combination of Roland Sands mid controls and Rear sets, per step bars and radial master cylinder clutch perch, this sporty ready to work. A RSD Vintage gas tank was modified for use on this machine, handmade aluminum tail section and indicator together with unique triple clamps for GSX-R forks that allow increased steering angle was made. It makes us want to go.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Ameri Tracker by Roland Sands
Harley-Davidson Sportster Ameri Tracker by RSD (810 × 541)

Known bigoted Americans Dirt Track. So because Roland Sands is and Harley-Davidson also, there was no reason to ensure that RSD is not addressing the subject.

In the United States, the Dirt track or Flat Trace is the art of blowing rings as soon as possible to the handlebars of a bike provided, on an oval whose surface is made of Earth. For once, RSD went a Sportster in the HD range to complete its project.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Ameri  Tracker by RSD
Harley-Davidson Sportster Ameri Tracker by Roland Sands(810 × 540)

As we described Roland Sands, this Harley-Davidson Sportster Ameri-Tracker is a real machine of Dirt Track to the former. Exhibiting a wide range of pieces from the catalogue RSD rims, footrest, handlebar levers brake and clutch, this Ameri-Tracker also enjoys a tank RSD, of aluminium body parts handmade rear, front plate, but also tees fork from a Suzuki GSX – R.

For the finishing touches, RSD has turned to Airtrix for painting, Barnett Clutches for the clutch discs and various hoses, Spiegler USA for braking and finally Dunlop tyres. Beautiful work, as always with Roland Sands RSD.

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