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Harley-Davidson 2017 Touring Models 0

Harley-Davidson 2017 Touring Models

The most important novelty of Harley-Davidson in 2017 was the renewal of its range of touring models thanks to its new engines. Now, the Milwaukee signature calls a review on 57.138 units this touring...

Harley-Davidson Sports Roadster 2016 0

Harley Davidson XL1200CX Sportst Roadster Mechanism

Closer to the philosophy of the European motorcycle, the new Harley-Davidson XL1200CX Roadster has significant differences with the well-known American Sportster. After the trial, dissected in detail of Sportster Roadster XL1200CX: Price: from €12,590...

Harley-Davidson Road King Review 2016 0

Harley-Davidson Road King Review 2016

Monumental! The Road King remains a monument of the range Harley-Davidson and for 2016, the Touring family sees double: the Road King Classic in spoked wheels and semi rigid leather saddlebags receives the reinforcement...