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Honda crf450r review 2014 0

Honda CRF450R Revised Features 2015

The new Honda CRF450R offers innovations wrought by the competition at the highest levels. An innovative engines election mode button a first in the industry of motocross machines – allows the driver to easily...

2015 Honda CRF450R Test 0

2015 Honda CRF450R Test

Always on the side of Milan, the Inter circuit Gallarate, we are riding the Honda CRF 450 R for the first test of the 2015 vintage big 4-stroke Single red. If this is not...

Test Honda CRF450R 2014: Ready to race 0

Test Honda CRF450R 2014: Ready to race

Honda CRF450R, this is not the novelty of the year, the Red having evolved considerably last year and leaving the spotlight to her little sister for this vintage 2014. Then how to push a...