BMW S1000R Review: The unbridled German roadster

As he landed on a segment of the sports dominated by the Japanese, BMW tackles the market of the big nasty sports roadsters with the same arguments. Normal, because in stripping the BMW S1000RR, the German manufacturer has a BMW S1000R with disproportionate mechanics, content weight, and the cycle part very sharp. Why do forget the Japanese standards?

 BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

Discover the new BMW S1000R here

What is a good bike? Objectively, the journalists/testers answer the question by referring to a whole bunch of irrelevant criteria, such as performance engine, dynamic qualities, comfort or practical and safe models that we test. But we are also men and women, the existence of which the bike occupies an important place. So we have our preferences, but we are fighting against this natural to not leave inclination place our subjectivity, and give you the information as neutral as possible.

However, in a 4-cylinder sports enthusiast, find myself today in Majorca the handlebar of a roadster 160 horsepower (long live the free world!) has a special flavor. Indeed, ignited at the beginning of this Jack in Hand by the velocity of the 999 cm3 of the BMW S1000R, derived from that of the BMW S1000RR hypersportive, I confess therefore at the outset had a favorable bias on the new German roadster. His velocity, his ease to climb the tower, and his sound are more impressive – he yells over the entire range of acceleration and unleashes a few flattering detonations to the deceleration – touch my sensibility, in the heart.

Yes, I like excess! But a good motorcycle is not only a motor and just undressing a machine for the track was never enough to design an excellent sports roadster. To take place on this hotly segment is the transformation of the RR r work relevant? The new BMW S1000R is objectively a good sports roadster on the road? The answer is here!

 BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

Undersides chic!

Honda CB1000R in his time, Aprilia Tuono V4R, KTM 1290 Super Duke R, or new Kawasaki Z 1000 today: it has to recognize that to inspire bestiality; a big roadster must have a real hangover. Elicit the emotion is therefore a delicate mission for designers, especially on little ducted models. In addition to this topic Alexander Buckan, who must be between other forms of this new BMW S1000R, entrusted that draw the fairings as the facies of this type of machine is also delicate that create a line of lingerie high couture.

We love the comparison, but confess everything and this new face split is in our not the sexiest eyes of the Seraglio: we prefer silk latex! The profile view we most successful appears. The aggressive line wish delights us. Wedged between the new asymmetric scoops and optional shoes, the engines put bare are the most beautiful effects. Finally, the rear part, substantially identical to the RR’s, exudes an exacerbated dynamism. In short, the BMW S1000R Cree is so loud and clear that it will tear the arm!

 BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

A driving position review, but always ready to attack

After a good start of your legs to precisely exceed this rear part raised and reach the saddle perched at 814 mm from the ground, it is installed on board the BMW S1000R. The base was redesigned, slightly more tapered – especially for accessibility – and fluffier than that of the BMW S1000RR, almost the right handlebar bent just what it takes and the footrest is lowered by 23 mm and 37 mm, advanced gives the Bavarian roadster a typical of the genre… but pretty demanding riding position!

The upper body is indeed slightly tilted on the front and the legs are bent too to ensure acceptable comfort over time. In addition, the switch seems a little high. The passenger seat with flattened and broadened compared to the Superbike and the footrests are much lower side, so the ‘walk’ is more enjoyable than the BMW S1000RR. However, in the absence of real handles and a seat placed almost on the tip of the rear seat, the great escape could quickly turn into a nightmare.

 BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

All options crowd of buttons!

Our BMW S1000R test has all the options available in the BMW catalog. Series ASC traction control gives way to a sharper system comprising a sensor of angle inlet, the DTC includes two modes of Dynamic and Dynamic Pro cockpit in addition to the standard modes Rain and Road. The bike is also equipped with driven suspensions DDC of the BMW S1000RR HP4, configurable on three modes (Soft, Normal, and Hard) and depending on whether one rolls one or two. Finally includes the speed controller and the handlebars.

Suddenly, a myriad of additional buttons blooms on literally acne handlebar control Kit! The whole remains however ergonomic, the usual standards of the German manufacturer. Dash widescreen LCD, identical to that of the RR is perfectly readable. The handling of the different modes is easy and one is delighted to see here a fuel gauge segmented, which is lacking in the sport.

After our first few kilometers on national fast, then a coffee break to recover from our emotions generated by our first balls drawn on this ground, we tackle mountains Majorcan, more technical. What undermines the chassis? The solo option was selected on the left thumb, right thumb switched to Road mode to start on the uncertain coating small hilly roads of caution. The clutch control is a bit manly (whew our bike is equipped with an optional shifter), but the selection is shown to be accurate.

 BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

Fly me!

The voluntary motor as early as 2500 rpm is a pure delight. The throttle response is instant and, thanks to the fully parameterized electronic control, no kicker comes to create sweat. Already well present at low revs, the fat of the couple invites himself to the approach of the 6,000 rpm/min. there, it downright strong pulls on the arms and the BMW S1000R only asks to pitch, even in a second.

But in mode Road, wheeling control occurs beyond 20 degrees. Even amputated of thirty horses compared to the BMW S1000RR, and despite a character-driven revision to offer more trunk at the midrange, the R demonstrated an impressive extension. Its limits were impossible to achieve in the context of this test. And yet it is not a lack of trying!

But if the missile engine painted we had packed, the placing on the angle of the roadster we have however posed a few questions. With less support on the front, a slightly longer wheelbase (despite the angle of fork reduction) than the RR, but also a rear tire of 190 mm and a steering dampener certainly frozen by the very low temperatures of this test, we find him an agility perfectible. What sees itself well when the pace is accelerating? It must indeed take the BMW S1000R to go curve.

Switch modes Dynamic and Dynamic Pro, most athletes, however, have more ease. The DDC evolves the depreciation (and compression) in a few thousandths of a second. The BMW S1000R seems to better react in the tight S. In these modes, the 4-cylinder seems better met at midrange. Accelerations are only more brutal, but retaining the sensation of being directly connected to the rear wheel, the driver controls his subject. On these modes, there is more anti-wheeling, or brake assist when one solicits the back.

BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

The power electronically controlled

Driven suspensions DCC associated with Rain or Road mode offer some comfort of driving, absorbent properly – and almost instantaneous – the bumps of the road. Of course, flexibility is less blatant due to the firmness of increased sports modes. But whatever the engaged mode, all guarantees good handling of the BMW S1000R, and a continuation of Cape Curved is hardly objectionable.

On the side of safety, equipped with a series of Race-ABS – full when the front is only loaded – BMW S1000R reassures. The system is quite intrusive on Rain and Road modes but is more discreet on sports, better set modes in our sense. The front braking provides grip progressively. About traction control DTC, its effectiveness is obvious even though we believe that, in the context of this rolling, CSA (without tilt sensor) would have been enough.

In the second part of our test, melted snow mixed with hail, then surf rain on the descent to Palma de Mall orca, showed us good Rain mapping, with a flanged power 136 horses based. Output pin, the escape were fortunately able to be avoided, the indicator by actuating the DTC lighting on several occasions.

BMW S1000R 2014 Review: The unbridled German roadster

Balance sheet: Japanese roadsters in line of sight

Yes, objectively, the BMW S1000R is a good Bike. Certainly, there are more agile in the category, but despite his 160 horses and his big couple of 11.2 daN.m, the 4-cylinder roadster has nothing of an indomitable motorcycle. Without mentioning its look, the transformation of the BMW S1000RR hypersportive BMW S1000R Roadster seems so relevant… for who would seek a beastly motorcycle means.

However, after this was first taken in hand, some unknowns remain. How will the standard, free version of advanced traction control and driven suspensions react? Our test model including Pack Sport and Dynamic being posted €14 670, is the basic model to 12 €950 (with Race-ABS and ASC series) capable of cutting cruppers to Japanese roadsters that BMW intends to compete?

As passing for the first time the doors of a concession to the propeller, it is indeed this affordable BMW S1000R customer accustomed to managing roadsters will want to try. Therefore, what to expect from the one-legged French version of sixty horses? Don’t miss the next comparative big sports roadsters on Doctor!

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