Honda 125 MSX: Ideal on the Road of Beaches!

Evocation of the 50 Monkey of the 1960s, the Honda 125 MSX canned features, like a friendly face and great compactness, bringing a touch of modernity. First contact

 Honda 125 MSX: ideal on the road of beaches!

Reminiscent of a toy engine, Honda MSX shares at least two characteristics with his ancestors Monkey and Dax a boil triggers smiles and a template of the content. But despite its small size, the MSX and 760 mm seat height comfortably accommodate a driver of 1, 80 m.

With its wheels of 12 thumbs and its weight reduced, this Monkey of modern times asks only for not enough effort to be parked and will be a partner favored for vacation. It proves to be so very comfortable in the city, thanks to the big animation of its train before. Good in the evasions of this last on supports in turn: tires give only a medium grip.

Test Honda 125 MSX: Lightness and Liveliness

 Honda 125 MSX: ideal on the road of beaches!

The compactness of the device, its low weight, and its 12-inch wheels make a very strong Honda MSX 125 motorcycle (it is even necessary to be careful in some situations!), at ease in urban traffic, where 10 hp of the cylinder is sufficient.

Test Honda 125 MSX: Ultra-Compact

 Honda 125 MSX: ideal on the road of beaches!

50 Monkey modern evocations of the 1960s or 1970s Dax, the MSX 125 is essentially distinguished by its extreme compactness. Easy to carry, and easy to park, it will be the perfect companion on the road leading to the beach. To transport the towel, bikini, and flip flops, it will bring in against a backpack!

Test Honda 125 MSX: well-hung

 Honda 125 MSX: ideal on the road of beaches!

If the tires that provide a medium grip, suspensions, and braking, quality, do their job well.

Test Honda 125 MSX: proven mechanics

 Honda 125 MSX: ideal on the road of beaches!

Already seen on the Innovate, the mechanics of 125 cc is not a lightning war but to the advantage of being proven. And its 10 HP is sufficient for urban use, or on the way to the beach.

Its 10 HP is sufficient in the city. But care will be taken to the condition of the roadway; 12-inch wheels do not like the holes! Otherwise, suspensions and breaking must ensure their job.


Given his “philosophy”, the Honda 125 MSX is to book the urban routes or roads leading to the beach. Its major drawback is its tariff: €3.000…

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