Test KTM RC 250 R: Best Bike in the world

Bikesdoctor.com offers you today a somewhat unusual test, one of an outstanding machine in many ways: the KTM RC 250 R. Neither more nor less than the customer competition bike that the Austrian Builder offers pilots to Moto3 Championships. Then, he turns the drone? Yeah, and not only a little…

 Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

Driving conditions are simply perfect. A beautiful blue sky, 26 ° to the thermometer, a circuit Carole resurfaced nine last years, and a Moto3 testing. It is a sacred gift that makes me your favorite site by sending me this real motorcycle racing.

When I discovered the KTM RC250R resting on his crutches workshops, blankets covering new Dunlop slick tires and surrounded by several technicians KTM (the chassis of the machine designer, just ca) I are just wondering if … I did no wrong place. It is for me, all that you are safe?

Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

KTM RC 250 R: In the leather of a factory driver!

Oh well yes, it is for me all this, the time of three sessions during the days traces Track ‘ N Test. I am therefore a pilot of the plant today: I always knew that one day, I would arrive there! But before entering the deep of the subject, I take time to itemize KTM RC250R a bit.

As would point out a ‘good boy’ of my knowledge point hole for the Neiman in the upper fork bracket or fixing a horn: here, everything is thought for the efficiency and lightness: beautiful 100% fairing carbon perfect adjustment, wheel fasteners for quick disassembly/reassembly by a single mechanic, wheels OZ light ultra, crankcases sanded breathing small series, and another 100 of small details which delight the amateur beautiful piece and ingenuity.

Well, it is not everything, but the factory driver would roll. While removing the blanket and on startup (using a starter roller causing the rear wheel, as on TV) this motorcycle bench, please!

 Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

Too much old (and too large) for these C…

Those who know and follow worldwide Moto3 a bit will have pointed out the age and the medium size of the pilots of this type of machine: very young, not very big, and especially light. KTM RC250R is sharpened for them therefore absolutely not for an adult whose currency is ‘ fat it is life ‘!

Suddenly, I me vexed almost when the mechanic at the time checked the tire pressure noted me, and then added a few hundred grams to each envelope. Whatever, I settle on board and look… where to cram my legs.

The position is sports to the extreme with support on the wrists, a miniature saddle-foot distance, and the impossibility of backing me as I want on the saddle. With a 1,210 mm wheelbase and great finesse to the crotch, I almost parallel legs once in the saddle. I foresee that the fight coming on this pocket bike will be exciting, but tiring…

First upwards (the box is inverted; it is a motorcycle race I tell you, follow a few!) and I jumped to the track … after several maneuvers to guide KTM RC250R towards the exit booth. She may be as short as a moped; but the KTM shines as an aircraft carrier. And I do know, in an aircraft carrier!

 Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

But which pushes me towards the point of cord?

Even if the tires are hot, they are not less new there: I leave therefore carefully and take some towers to make acquaintance with the Austrian Moto3. The first official report: it is lighter than me (82 kg has dryness. The motorbike, not me) and deals the permanent impression of sitting astride a bike of running filled in amphetamines.

The second report (rising from the first): the agility and promptness are frightening. I wonder even if there is not somebody who pushes me towards the point of cord when I look at this last… A geometry frame centered towards this behavior and of the fine tires gives a cocktail rather impressive at the time of registering the KTM RC250R on the angle.

However, that is compensated by the extreme rigidity of the framework and the long oscillating arm like one week without chili con carne, which tightens the machine when the gases are open. KTM RC250R does not fall inside the curve and control is constant. The sequences conk-ban types are a joke and to rock the motorcycle from one angle to another takes serious airs of reversal of crepes to the Candelas!

The brake before (radial Master-cylinder Brembo and cast solid clamp of the same brand gripping a disc of 290 mm also of the Italian manufacturer) bursts laughing at the time as of braking, so much it has ease and oversize to stop the crew. Good feeling with the lever, strong power of deceleration: easy.

 Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

A doped Bumblebee has the EPO

Let us speak highway a bit of the motor of RC250. A potency of 50 horses, a rate of compression of casserole times (14, 5: 1), and a break of blender towards 13500 rpm: this looks like nothing but that comes to fright when it goes up in a frame of the bike.

This mill is a happiness to be rolled, despite (thanks to?) his definition chases. Completely absent under 7000 rpm, he awakes between 8000 and 10000 and leaves in a waterspout manner Usain Bolt from 10 000 to 13 500 rpm. Indeed, no greeting at the exit of curve under the Figure 8 of the revolution counter.

Need to turn with sufficient speed (what part cycle permits very much… but not my level!) to be in the correct range of use and screw down the accelerator to enjoy the liveliness of the mono Austrian.

In its power, while top area, the engine pedals very hard and has no trouble propelling this lightweight motorcycle (and its heavy driver…) to amazing speeds given the short circuit Carole plot developed. I overtake without difficulty and without forcing the 173 km/h GPS in fifth before catching the brakes.

The gearbox, short selection, is steep and hangs a little low and substantial but locks well. As for the exhaust line full Akrapovic titanium outgoing 107 dB, it serves to warn the large displacements that are on the horizon that they are going to get eaten by a drone in a firecracker.

 Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

It is not the size that matters…

And exceed sports 600 and 1000 with this 250, two to four times less powerful, it has no price! Of course, it is double in straight lines, but when others catch the right lever, I mount a report and brake 25 meters (only because I’m afraid) later!

Just get used to releasing the brake early and go with lots of corner speed to restart the engine. It should also be careful to gradually go around failing to take a shot of the chain rather dry, as the strength of transmission and damping are present.

In the back, a non-existent dead race and laws of closed enough but rather effective hydraulics ensure handling and traction. The fork, of dimensioned sound, is more flexible and plunges well to braking but in a progressive way. Nose in the bubble, the protection of the careenage carbon is good, even for me. Except that I have the head with the top of the nose gear wheel…

 Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

Review: I have dreamed of another world

Forget what you believe to know about small (even sports) displacement: Moto3, is another world, that of the prototype’s very high performance. After these three sessions on his handlebars, I barely started getting used to the handling of this KTM RC250R physical and demanding but devilishly enjoyable, even for the leeks that I am.

The times have melted round after round, confidence grew in the same way but it would be more running to try to see off the limits of this great machine, which is intended primarily for young wolves of the speed competition. Remains at € 45,000 excluding tax base package, the note seems salty.

Test KTM RC 250 R: best bike in the world

However, after spending several hours reviewing the bike and discuss with the KTM engineers, we understand that the KTM RC250R is the fruit of much time and passion on the part of the staff, to offer a bike that is perfectly in mind and Ready to Race and high performance with at the outset. And if that is not enough, the upgraded catalog is capable of more than double the addition to align almost directly with the world Moto3…

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