Motorcycle News Yamaha MT-07 is close enough to the MT-09

Yamaha is going to come back strong: Such were the words of the president of the firm to the tuning forks during the press conference that unveiled the new Yamaha MT-07, certainly a bike dedicated to a promising future. With a design consistent with the spirit of the Yamaha MT-09, a whole new twin line 689 cm3, it will apply to beginners in version A2 and all others in the standard version.

Unveiled in September, the new Yamaha MT-09 makes big noise: aesthetic daring, all-new engine three-cylinder line 850 cm3, lightness, and between roadster and supermotard riding position… This bike did speak and turn heads and registrations seem to follow. Yamaha is going to come back strong as underlined by one senior Japanese official of the mark, with at least two significant innovations for each coming year. For 2014, the largest, would from a point of view of the market, will be the Yamaha MT-07.

No, it is not a tinkering of the XJ6, but a brand new motorcycle, the outcome of the new Yamaha inspiration, namely line MT for Maximum Torque. Aesthetically, the Yamaha MT-07 is close enough to the MT-09, taking over some of its aesthetic codes as the absence of counter wrapping or tortured forms in general, including at the level of the integration of the engine.

The General line is still less particular than the Yamaha MT-09 and at certain angles and red, almost reminds some MV Agusta. There nevertheless, on this entry-level bike, carefully worked parts, to the image of the swinging arm or tank saddle base set that seems molded in one piece.

 Motorcycle News Yamaha MT-07 is close enough to the MT-09

A brand new two-cylinder engine of 689 cm3

We had heard and relayed it in our news feed: a Yamaha beautiful and well-chosen to design a brand new twin line 689 cm3. It uses the latest solutions known from Yamaha, namely the crankshaft at 270 ° as on the altimeter on the Super Tenere for example. Yamaha has opted for a balance shaft very compact to limit vibrations without increasing congestion.

The engine is implemented more vertically than usual with Yamaha. The exhaust line 2-in-1 established in a low position will provide leadership to lower the center of gravity. For the rest, the electronic injection, designed to limit pollution as consumption, doesn’t seem to work in conjunction with an electronic Accelerator: probably too costly and uninteresting on a motorcycle devoid of multiple mapping or traction control.

This modern engine should not miss performance with very suitable values ​​for category 75 hp. and 68 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm only. That will remain consistent with the philosophy of the new MT line. Yamaha advances, by also the gearbox have particularly worked to improve the approval of its selection and especially booster repeatedly them on the fourth, fifth, and sixth rates, to avoid overruns with a great downshift.

Yamaha had a little missed the mark of the new permit A2, a lack of successful models. The Yamaha MT-07 is corrected and the restriction to 35 kilowatts (47.5 hp) promises to be well done.

 A single chassis, dedicated to the aesthetic

The look you want for the Yamaha MT-07 does not cover less of the technical solutions simply enough, in the image of its tubular frame which comes with different decks to support the engine. Note that Yamaha has made beautiful efforts to draw a swingarm’s banana of the most beautiful effect. Suspension – fork 41 mm classic and mono damper – are classic although the rear handset is implemented almost horizontally to gain in compactness and reduce the wheelbase. Only the shock absorber is adjustable in spring preload.

282 mm brake discs took the form of petals, a relatively small diameter compared to sports roadsters, but the use of 4-piston calipers should bring enough bite. The ABS will be optional. On wheels, Yamaha has chosen, once again, the option of the look with a rear wheel fit a tire 180/55 x 17. Hope that the handling is not too will suffer.

Compact geometry and weight of 179 kg all full facts will be sacred strengths to thwart Stoppers and bends. Incidentally, speaking of CAP, welcome soft ergonomics, an 805 mm seat height, and a template that should not pose a problem in interfile, with the possibility to search the new dashboard asked even the handlebar.

 Motorcycle News Yamaha MT-07 is close enough to the MT-09

Yamaha MT-07: Less than 6,000 euros in the first quarter of 2014

After the Yamaha MT-09, Yamaha intends to strike a blow with his Yamaha MT-07. In a brand new motorcycle, with a strong design, and a new engine that promising, except agile. This program, attractive, and full of ambitions in terms of market share, should cause concern to the competition, especially with a sale price of less than 6,000 Euros on a tariff basis and we should be able to approach the Yamaha MT-07 in Q1 2014.

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