Yamaha SR400, Return Kick (Motorcycle Updates)

A Yamaha SR400 nice surprise (again!) waiting for us at the Milan show discovering the back of a motorcycle which has had many fans for a long time (including your humble servant).

 Motorcycle News 2014: Yamaha SR400, return ... kick

Appeared in 1978, the Yamaha SR500 was distinguished already at the time by its line of retro, and of course, his almost legendary cylinder air cooled, closely derived from the not permit mythical Yamaha XT 500. This endearing classic roadster then remained in a long catalog in many countries, in particular the Japan version Yamaha SR 400 cm3 displacements popular due to local regulations.

In France, the Yamaha SR 500 gave rise to a version slightly retouched in the 1990s – with a drum front brake ‘retro style’ instead of the disk fitted to the model since the beginning – before disappearing in 1999.

 Motorcycle News 2014: Yamaha SR400, return ... kick

Yamaha SR400 The easy kick…

It is therefore with delight that we observe today returning home, in a 400 cm3 version barely retouched in its fundamentals. Of course, if the framework and engine remain very faithful to the 1978 model, the Yamaha SR400 2014 evolves in the choice of equipment, to the standards of the time.

Because we are here talking about a bike that has retained the kick – an exception in 2014! —, a ceremonial start that can quickly turn into a nightmare without a solid habit… Let us hope that the Yamaha SR400 will be greatly advanced on this point, thanks to its modern injection associated with electronic devices of the same temper.

Not what moved the SR addicts – those who had completely renovated their carburetor or high engine for a master in the art of starting the beast, especially in hot… – but more a public sensitive to the modern facility, beautiful bikes, compact and decidedly classical?

Yamaha SR400 back in 2014 so it is great news, however the price shown here in Italy at Euro 5990 may cause coughing, pending confirmation of the final price for France.

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