Yamaha XV950 (R) Bolt: Real Competitors Launched in The Market (2013-2024) Review

The news Yamaha XV950 and XV950 R-Bolt in the United States – Yamaha extends well its range of customs with a motorcycle of line entry in the air of time. Stripped, these two variations of same the cruiser are announced like real competitors in stainless Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster.

 Yamaha XV950 (R) bolt: real competitors launched in market

If the Yamaha customs are designated by the acronym XV in Europe, they bear the name of Star in the United States: the cruiser market is indeed so important that Yamaha squarely decided to create a sister brand, reserved for North America! And at Star, the latest is called last… small Bolt that will happen to us under the name of Yamaha XV950 and will be available in version r Eh Yes: as roadsters midsize so prized by the French bikers!

Yamaha XV950 (R) bolt: real competitors launched in market

A Japanese Custom Vintage and Sports

The too conventional 950 Midnight Star not unleashing the passions of this side of the Atlantic, Yamaha has resumed his power base, rather successful… and threw everything else! To attack the Harley-Davidson 883 Iron on his land, the three tuning forks developed the date the framework to the vaguely rigid look and debauchery of chrome. A double-cradle frame suspended by two short shocks, an exhaust 2-in-1, and a saddle dab the replica Bolt … forgiveness, Yamaha XV950, offers a style all its own, both retro – with some borrowings 535 Virago, even the 1000 Midnight Special – and sports.

 Yamaha XV950 (R) bolt: real competitors launched in market

Short, Lightweight, and Available in R-spec

Side balance, Yamaha announces 245 kg fully fueled 33 less than the Midnight Star pretty slimmed! The shorter wheelbase (1570 mm against 1685 mm) should benefit agility. As for the highest seat 690 mm, it is placed in the middle – very – bass category. The new retro not prevent technology and security, Yamaha XV950 may receive the ABS option. Standard equipment on the Yamaha XV950 R also features a separate damping cylinder.

 Yamaha XV950 (R) bolt: real competitors launched in market

Finally Some fat Under the Handle?

Imagine therefore that small block House reviewed will be at the party to tow the Yamaha XV950. With a 15% smaller air filter (2.3 liters), a line of escape magazine, a new conveyor belt, and especially new parameters of injection and ignition, this evolution aims to improve torque (0.2 Nm compared to Star 950) and the throttle response.

 Yamaha XV950 (R) bolt: real competitors launched in market

From Entry-level to Big Heart

Available in the United States last June, the Yamaha XV950 should happen fairly quickly in France. Hopefully, it will stay around € 8000, fetching the history of American Iron in the field of entry-level with a strong character. And regarding the driving experience … Well we’ll tell you more during the test to come – soon – on bikesdoctor.com!

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