Honda CB500X: Our First Drive Review

The Honda CB500X is elaborate on the same frame as his/her sisters, roadster CB500F and “sporting” the CBR500R. All the same machine line entry which does not have large-thing to envy large.

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

Third of recent family CB 500 elaborate on a common platform, the “X” declines the trail kind with urban vocation. In common with his/her sisters: tally steel of the Diamond type, twin-cylinder of 471   Cm3 and 48 ch, and almost identical simple part-cycle.

The “X” is distinguished however: larger tank (17.3 liters against 15.7   L), suspensions with greater clearance (140   mm against 120), and tires with the profile trail, large handlebar and adjustable protection…

With the handlebar, the impression of comfort dominates legs at ease (for less than 1.80 m), saddles roomy hardly higher than the roadster “F” (810 mm), broad handlebar offering a good handiness, protection of the bust and legs…

Test Honda CB500X: engine “allowed A2”

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

Even if it is linear hair, the parallel twin does not disappoint. The power of 47.6 CH and the couple of 4.6 m/kg with 7000 tr/min are enough to take off 195 announced kg of this Honda CB500SX.

Test Honda CB500X: instrument panel

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

Behind the flattering scented amber color, way glasses of skiing specific to model X, the entirely digital instrumentation is not very readable. In complement of the rev counter with a bar graph, one finds 2 trips, a calculator of consumption, a calculation of the km on the way in reserve, and a watch. It’s a pity that the unit either is pokey!

Test Honda CB500X: Common Platform

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

Already seen at Honda and taken again on the recent family CB 500, the principle of the common platform makes it possible to tighten the costs while answering varied waiting.

Test Honda CB500X: that pumps

Honda CB500X: our first drive review

The 20 mm of clearance offers a surplus of comfort, but the modifications to rigidify the shock absorber postpones are not convincing. As soon as the rhythm accelerates, that pumps.

Test Honda CB500X: Reasonable

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

Revisions every 12,000 km, completion of good omen face proof against time especially, reduced consumption: difficult not to currently regard X as the most reasonable motorcycle on the market.

Test Honda CB500X: Protection

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

The small adjustable jump wind does not make a miracle at motorway speed, but the protection of the bust and legs is welcome. The additional capacity of 1.6 liters in the tank (17.3 L on the whole) offers autonomy which will suit travelers.

Test Honda CB500X: Effective Braking

 Honda CB500X: our first drive review

Effective, braking with simple disc second perfectly a part-cycle healthy. ABS, not coupled, is delivered in series.

Flexible on the setting of the angle, and light at exit, it part-cycle confers on X a reassuring behavior, consolidated by effective braking. Rather discrete, ABS (not coupled) is delivered in series. The back is adjustable suspension, pump is as soon as the rhythm is increased.

The parallel twin with the tuning fork of the part-cycle: controlled injection, flexible gearbox, and maximum power – specifically developed for the license A2 (47.6 CH) – without surprise. And it does not disappoint. A linear hair, its couple is sufficient (4.6 kg with 7,000 tr/min) to make take off 195 kg announced in functioning order.

Passed 6,000 turns, a light start of promptness even allows, for example, an easy-going beyond while descending a report. More bluffing remains its appetite of a sparrow: 3.5   l/100 km in “eco drives”, maximum 5 liters while having fun. Result: more than 450   km with full.


With 5,990 € (400 more than “F”), this small trial does not make pay very expensive its a supplement of comfort. Revisions every 12,000 km, completion of good omen face proof against time and, especially, reduced consumption: difficult not to currently regard Honda cb500x as the most reasonable motorcycle in the market.

Honda CB500X More Sufficient for Model 2014 with Modernization and Versatility

The Honda CB500X 2014 Modernization features a brand-new engine and chassis like the machines that made Honda famous in the U.S., its 2-cylinder parallel-twin layout provides a wide power band and plenty of torque. Special touches like the CB500X’s more standing seating position, superior ground clearance, and longer wheelbase make it perfectly suited for an adventure bike rider who values function.

Honda CB500X 2014

Honda CB500X’s DOHC Twin Cylinder Engine

Honda twins are famous for their versatility, and the new Honda CB500X engine is one of our best. Using the same piston bore size as our CBR600RR sport bike.

Honda CB500X Unique Style

The CB500X is a lightweight, dynamic motorcycle that offers adventure style with an upright riding position. While not a dual-sport, the new CB500X still has the posture of an adventure machine with a unique fuel tank design that offers the capability to easily pass the body weight.

CB500X Ride Ready For Adventure

The Honda CB500X is designed to give you an extreme view of the road and plenty of room to shift your weight for maximum control. Utilizing the classic upright riding position with a wide handlebar, taller seat, and a tighter knees-in fuel tank design, you can maximize your sentiment of cohesion with the bike and the road.

honda CB500X new 2014

Honda CB500X Look More Beautiful and Comfort

If you’re curious about riding, and to make your bike different and unique we suggest you include different extra necessaries accessories to make luxury your Honda CB500X

That’s good because riding is awesome. Not only is it a stress reliever, a time saver, and a money saver, but it also makes you more attractive.* So whether you want to start riding on the Honda CB500X at every kind of track with its full equipment you will feel a strong satisfaction and ride feelings at every step of the way.

Here are essenscial Accessories of Honda CB500X


HONDA air deflector

The air deflector side-mounted shields deflect wind and cold away from the rider’s legs. Its price is



HONDA CB500X CENTERSTANDhonda cb500x centerstand

The Honda CB500X sturdy stand provides more secure parking options on variable ground surfaces and simplifies working on the bike’s rear wheel. Its price is




Stylish carbon style front fender adds a performance look to your ride to make a good drive. With price of




This handguard helps keep the elements away from your handgrip area to make it secure.




This is required for Heated Grips to improve relaxation hold. It is available in



HONDA CB500X Heated Grips

Slim heated grips with integrated control. 3-step variable heating levels. Integrated circuit to protect the battery from draining. Smart heat allocation that focuses on the area of the hand most sensitive to cold. Requires Heated Grip Attachment Kit. Availability in price of




The steel perimeter bar adds a rugged look and a mounting point for foglights.




The one-key cylinder allows the use of the ignition key to lock and unlock the rear trunk and saddlebags.




This Radiator Shroud is carbon style trim accents that add a performance expression look to your motorbike.




Provides extra storage as u desire. (Not to be used to mount Honda Rear Trunk.)




The rear tire hugger adds style and protection to the undertail from getting damaged by rocks and debris.




The Roomy 35L rear trunk features a quick-detach mounting system. Requires Rear Carrier/ Trunk Mount Kit or Rear Carrier/ Trunk Mount/ Saddlebag Stays Kit and One Key Cylinder.




The saddlebag panels are shown in color-matched Matte Gunpowder Metallic. (Contains left and right panels).




This is required for the installation of saddlebags.



honda cb500x saddlebag stays
The honda CB500X saddlebag stays


The sleek, fully integrated saddlebags feature a quick-detach mounting system. Saddlebag stays and One Key Cylinder are required. (Two sets required)



HONDA cb500x saddlebags
HONDA cb500x saddlebags


On bike riding the windscreen is very essential here for the Honda CB500X the stylish windscreen provides increased wind protection.



honda cb500x tall windscreen
Honda CB500X tall windscreen

I hope you enjoyed watching Honda CB500X 2013-2014 Accessories and Pictures.

Let us know your views regarding this Honda CB500X accessories detail.

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