Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 Motorcycle

Honda Crossrunner meaning every day of adventure is dynamic, modern, and charismatic, the exceptional new inherits the best of VFR800F. Under a streamlined design and redesign, offering premium benefits combining technology and performance and revisited V4 engine, accommodating serial ABS, optimized ergonomics, suspension, and traction control.

Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 Motorcycle 2015

Honda’s Elegant Sportiness

This Crossruuner VFR800 has fluid adventure and sports beautiful lines, the unique new adopted a minimalist but effective fairing pure silhouette and emphasizes its V4 engine.

Above the “beak” incisive, the optical block “X” led is identified with the first look and gives it a unique personality.


Already shiny and soft, the advantages of DC motor 782 V4 VTEC variable valve even more, at near-to-ground slim speeds, the system only works half of the sixteen-valve, each at high speed. Benefits, a busy medium and a couple of angrily curved 4-cylinder at the top of the towers. The tech figures speak for themselves, 78 kilowatts to 10 250 rev/min and 75 Nm at 8500 r/min (95/1 / EC).

Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 Motorcycle 2015


The Crossrunner is a big asset security of VFR800X, his series of traction HSTC, editable on two levels and can be turned off, avoid locking the rear wheel, through sensors of the ABS, it constantly measures up to the speed of the front and rear wheels; When the passage rate of the latter exceeds a predetermined value, it reduces the torque to maintain adhesion.

Braking is also everything on his side, he acquires new radial-mount calipers with 4 pistons at the top of the two floating front discs and a 310 mm rear 256 mm disc. As a bonus, ABS anti-lock is provided.

Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 Motorcycle 2015


The machine at the crossroads of the roadster and tracking the outstanding news is agile, flexible, and comfortable. And empower: rates increased by 25 mm front and 28 mm at the rear, with a ground clearance of 165 mm. In addition the mono-shock with Pro-Link HMAS system, gas move preload, rebound, and the fork tube 43mm HMAS. Furthermore along with high-quality suspensions, complemented by a lighter new Single arm swing aluminum and stiffer in torsion.

Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 Motorcycle 2015


The exceptional series is particularly generous with full LED lighting, heating handles, automatic closing of indicators, and an adjustable seat in two heights (815/835 mm), all the elements to enhance comfort and safety.

Redesigned table information stand on the edge backlight with crystal white LEDs. Its dashboard arranges a speedometer and tachometer to share space with committed consumption and relative indicators, temperature gauge, autonomy, shows, and unusual perimeter counters. An eyewitness presents the heating fascination with five handles possibilities. Finally, a new ignition key minimizes breakage risk while focusing on the qualitative aspect of the machine.

Honda Crossrunner with Special Features and Specifications

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice having Honda Moto Corp: Test data obtained by Honda in WMTC standards. These tests were performed by a single pilot on the open road and with a standard model without additional optional apparatuses equipment. Its fuel consumption although very good, but may vary depending on your strategy of driving technique, maintenance done on the weather, vehicle, road conditions, presence of accessories, tire pressure, cargo, the weight of the crew, and many other parameters.

Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 Motorcycle 2015

Honda Crossrunner Seduction Accessories

With all other unique qualities has a long list of beautiful and functional accessories to customize the unique and personalized for use, among others, with the top case 31 or 45, shifter quick change kit, where side 12-volt motor protection plug/side fog.

Specifications and Features

Engine Type
4cylinder in V 90 °, 4stroke, double ACT and 16valve, water-cooled
Cylinder capacity
782 cm³
Bore x stroke
72 x 48 mm
Compression ratio
11.8 to 1
Max power
78 kW to 10 250 RPM (95/1/EC) (102 HP)
Max torque
75 Nm to 8 500 rpm (95/1/EC)
Oil Capacity
 3,9 liters
Consumption (WMTC)
5,3l/100 km
PGM – FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel capacity
20,8 L
Digital with advanced electronic
Startup Electric
Fuel, indicators of consumption, water, gear, and room temperature, heated handle switch temperature gauge, and shows edge.
Battery  12 V/11 Ah
Front: diode (route x 2, cross x 2)
Rear: diode
Alternator  427 W

Suspension- Dimensions and Transmission

Multi-disc in oil bath
6 reports
Final transmission
 Par chaîne à joints toriques  Wheelbase  1 475 mm
Dimensions (L x w x H)
 2 190 x 870 x 1 360 mm
Castor angle
Saddle height
 835/815 mm
Front wheels
10 aluminium sticks.
17 M/C x MT3.50
Ground clearance
 165 mm
Rear rims
10 aluminium sticks.
17 M/C x MT5.50
Weight in running order
 242 kg  Front Tire  120/70- R17
Suspension front
Fork telescopic HMAS (diameter: 43 mm) adjustable preload and relaxation,
travel 145 mm.
Rear Suspension
Monoshock with gas, adjustable preload (35 notches), and relaxation, travel 148 mm.

Here are some beautiful pictures of the Honda Crossrunner-X VFR800 2015 in the gallery below.

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