Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE

Continuation and end of our round Husaberg 450 with the two big-engine cars of the Swedish Enduro range: Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE. Motorcycles cut for the Scandinavian loggers? Yes, but not only…

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

We arrive at the end of this presentation of the very last year of the Husaberg history. In Lozere to always traverse the skimped and stony paths of the country returned a hair slipping by the rain and the snow fell on the heights from Mende, it is today with the handlebar of Husaberg 450 and Husaberg 501 FE 2014 that we wet the shirt…

Big-engine cars all evolved significantly last year with the abandonment of the engine with 70 ° inclined for a more conventional mechanical basis. Not great change in prospect this year, but of the evolutions aiming to improve felt and facilitate the catch-in-hand area of setting, will thus judge some as of now!

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

Once again, useless to try to decide between these two Husaberg 450 and Husaberg 501 FE 2014, in all identical points visually. Blue, yellow, equipment of quality, aspects practical, a key racing and a completion exempt reproaches: here a panoply which will please all the senior endurists, amateurs or.

What to reproach these motorcycles? Not a large thing… In the worst case, while going to nit-pick, protection of the disc before would not have been of refusal, but besides, it does not miss absolutely anything with the Zaberg last. Unless requiring that the motorcycle be delivered with a Swedish mannequin (or a logger of the same vintage for these ladies…), but that it is another history!

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

In top form comfort

As for the 250 and the 350 FE, the behavior of the frame of Husaberg 450 and Husaberg 501 FE 2014 is almost similar. If the sticker of the plate number is not looked at one does not know besides on which motorcycle one is. However, it is known immediately that it is about a big-engine car, the 450 and 501 being a little more imposing than the rest of the range.

The width between legs is more consequent here but remains reasonable. If all is larger, ergonomics will not be less good. One finds his position very quickly. In track, despite the spirited racing, it is before all the comfort that comes out from this test of Husaberg 450 and Husaberg 501 FE 2014. The suspensions are of smoothness to any test and swallow each asperity as so of nothing was not. It is very pleasant when one walks without seeking to attack: one feels trustful on the motorcycle.

It is noted that the suspensions work more on the two large gauges of the Husaberg range. The hard point at any beginning of compression, significant on TE, seems gummed by the higher weight of the Husaberg 450 and 501 FE. Rather handy and easy to control, it will not be said either that they are players: one 350 FE remains much more fun all the same. The agreement between the fork and the shock absorber is good, the motorcycle is shown balanced and effective when it is requested.

However, it is necessary to remain vigilant on these Husaberg grosses, which tend a little more to involve you with braking. It is necessary to juggle with an engine brake reasonably but present because careless mistakes will quickly shift your initial trajectory. For these last remarks, it is even truer for the Husaberg 501 FE which does not spare forcing the physique of its pilot…

Last year, we regretted a brake before very powerful and a little delicate managing on slipping ground: the new Brembo clamp of Husaberg 450 FE 2014 and Husaberg 501 FE 2014 seems to bring a little more feeling while preserving its power of braking. One was not made surprise, and yet there was what on the wet stone plates…

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

Husaberg 450 FE is nice like all!

One begins this test 2014 with Husaberg 450 FE 2014, definitively a nice motorcycle! The mill is shown exploitable for this cubic capacity, very round with a power left again very well. There is a trunk to largely roll a report above and enough horses to start again mechanics with the least blow of clutch. But even without teasing the left lever, the force of the mill enables him to start from very low without sorrow and to surely go up in mode gently. The Husaberg 450 does not have an extraordinary lengthening piece, but it is amply sufficient for the Enduro use of this cubic capacity.

In short, this engine as effective as elastic should be appropriate for the majority of endurists. The least tested should find their account also there, even if one advises them to make the teeth on the 350 before passing to the 450.

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

Husaberg 501 FE, it is of the strapping man

The final bouquet will be thus with Husaberg 501 FE which, let us recall it, cubic makes 510 Cm3 of them. If the 450 is nice, there one passes from continuation in very another dimension. How to say? That sends severe wood to the machine! More concretely, one will roll systematically with a report moreover, even two in certain cases. Fortunately, rolling up slowly between the trees and stones on the third report does not frighten Zaberg.

And then it should be said that the 501 FE 2014 does not lengthen much: once the mid–modes pass, it explodes in the turns and saturates very quickly. The clutch is useful before very calming the animal: considering the force of the mill, one will use it with the greatest caution for the revival. Paradoxically, this motorcycle of big-engine car is more fun than the 450. One gets caught up in gas blows which propel us instantaneously several meters, the least blow of trigger makes it possible to swallow (or to jump) the difficulties.

If you preserve a minimum of balance and a thread of gas, it must be possible to assemble a mountainside by drawing straight! But good, it is not the whole rest of the business: it is necessary to be one crowned pilot to hold the distance with the 501. For information, Mathias Bellino, who rolls this year in the E3 world championship, has a Husaberg of 490 Cm3. And not of one 510!

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

Assessment Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: Easy effectiveness against sensational demolition

How to choose between Husaberg 450 FE and Husaberg 501 FE 2014? It is simple: one is a reasonable choice; the other is much less… It should be said that the 450 FE is an easy motorcycle with which one takes pleasure quickly and dares to engage a little more quickly in the traces. It is not explosive, but is effective in all circumstances and physically accessible. It is however one 450, a little more delicate than the 350 which is a reference of facility. But if you want big spaces, Husaberg 450 FE should answer all your waiting.

Side of the 501 FE, the effectiveness is unquestionable with the return, the traction of this motorcycle is incredible! But there are necessary to cling to the handlebar and to remain “aware” permanently to keep control of it. It is certainly motorcycle very amusing and rather new, but it is such an abrasive. And then the engine brake nevertheless is very marked. It is enough diverting.

As the rest of the Husaberg range, large 4-times suffer in 2014 from a tariff increase which will not inevitably please your banker…

Husaberg 450 FE 2014

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

Husaberg 501 FE 2014

Test Husaberg 450 and 501 FE 2014: The last walk of the enduro king size

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