Review Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti and Suzuki RM-Z 450: The Enduro Sport, True!

Unusual park drivers of regional Enduro, Suzuki 250 RM-Z might show a little more of their fenders in 2014 thanks to a new French importer… We jumped on the opportunity to test these yellow Enduros: hiker from the Sunday hang in there!

 Review Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti and Suzuki RM-Z 450 2014:

There are decidedly of new at Euroboost this year! Hub importers significantly expanded the range of Enduro in 2014 with the Red Moto Honda, the arrival of the 2-stroke with Mark home Evo-Set, and finally, surprise, the distribution of the Suzuki Valenti.

Valenti, in the same way as Red Motorcycle for Honda, is the broker of the Suzuki RM-Z and RM-X for Europe. It is not a novelty in itself, but probably due to lack of ease of purchase, the Suzuki Valenti is not common at present.

Aware of this problem and always eager to develop the enduro, the Euroboost market resumes hand and proposes now its services and experience of importer to dealers wishing to expand their range off-road Suzuki.

The essential and it’s all bad!

In static, here in their version racing the Suzuki 250 RM-Z and Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-Z 2014. Will recall: they are homological Cross bikes, so only the essentials are there.

The hand guards meet present as the engine with a special shoe for one of the 450 words, a beautiful piece of aluminum. The bikes have been provided with an Akrapovic muffler that will undoubtedly affect with fans of the racing room. Finally, we note the presence of a 100% aluminum tank which is also still factory.

Same conclusion when making contact: the difference between the two bikes is not obvious, the feeling is natural. Suzuki 450 RM-Z Valenti remains the most impressive hair between the legs, but not much more.

On the other hand, both bikes have the same very low and quite curved handlebars to the pilot, who seeks a bit of adaptation. Not insurmountable, just not more pleasant in a standing position.

Easy motorcycles, but then this fork…

Honor to the small Suzuki 250 4–stroke which proves much said as soon as the first rounds of special. Well, it locks in the ruts, and we get very into the holes without thinking back. Finally, a little when because the fork SFF Shows slugs at the beginning of compression, and we feel that it has trouble working with oiliness on the first third of his race.

The damper, meanwhile, appears to advantage the rear wheel sticks to the ground and the re-acceleration does not pick on the angle. Exit the special, towards the Woods! As might be expected, the fork is not in his element: going lean on the settings for a little more comfort! This is also one big reproach that can be done at the Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti, because this bike is a remarkable agility toy, played perfectly slaloms on the footpaths.

The Suzuki 450 RM-Z Valenti suffers the same remarks, with a nose that is not the most welcoming in the patterns of holes. Logically less playful than the Suzuki 250, the Suzuki 450 is still fairly easy to fly in special as in the Woods. Balanced, the RM-Z has a center of gravity positioned low, which facilitates things including rapid support changes. Short you feel well at the handlebar of the yellow.

The trunk to resell!

Engine side, the Suzuki 250 RM-Z has been a reference for several years in the area of the Cross. Well, force is to see that this Moulin lends itself rather well to the game of the Enduro. Very offered, it allows you to wrap without being constantly on the clutch.

His strength gives it a Faculty of remarkable swallowing crossings. Enjoyable to use and when asked, he has sponsored the bugger! In the fast, the Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti releases horses at every opportunity. Clutch hits are enraged and extract the motorcycle’s furniture supports with determination!

The Suzuki 450 RM-Z Valenti also has enough to make the replica. Loud at low rpm, mono does not claim to touch the clutch and agrees to ride a report above. Rather linear from the bottom to the substantial, we appreciate his behavior in Enduro. A fairly contained inertia and a roundness engine make a wonderful weapon.

But be careful: you should know how the control this weapon! Because when the cavalry arrives, it grows severe and it is not lacking in character! So it happens that we are sometimes overtaken by events. Small unpleasant note concerning the Suzuki 450, vibrations in the foot are very marked.

 Review Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti and Suzuki RM-Z 450 2014:

Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-X: The Enduro is quieter!

Presents also during this presentation, the Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-X, it means the real enduro of the Japanese manufacturer. A bike that we had already tried out in 2010 as well as during a match against the new Yamaha 450 WR-F, but that has not changed since.

Still is it pure Enduro and hard, the Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-X is to his advantage. With more comfortable suspensions and an engine to perfection, it is even more suitable for hiking on Sunday than its cousin RM-Z, as the electric starter is part.

Found more quickly the limits of suspensions at the time to increase the pace, but having seen Sib Guillaume at work, there are what go very fast already! Its higher weight and a little higher boom make it less bright and even a little clumsy facing the Suzuki 450 RM-Z. But proposed to the very attractive price of $ 7,999, the Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-X may be interested in more than one!

Balance Sheet: The Suzuki carved to perform scratches in Enduro!

Well, it must be said that they would rather not be bad, the Suzuki RM-Z Valenti, although both suffer from the same flaw: a train before cruelly lacking in both special and touring comfort. Perhaps an improved cockpit and a noise level a low also. It should be noted in passing that the kickstart is easier than in the past, but still not as much as some competitors.

But the very good surprise comes on the side of the Suzuki Valenti 250 RM-Z: with its chassis easy and player as well as a powerful and complete engine in the range of use, the yellow is a wonderful weapon among the small displacement 4-stroke!

Regarding the Suzuki RM-Z 450 Valenti, a certain ease clear of this contact. No doubt due to a well-balanced mix, but also to the Beefy engine, which accepts approximations of steering while remaining fairly round.

Consume with moderation anyway, because the large mono Suzuki eventually uses his driver, and then it becomes much easier to go to the fault. It will end up on another good note, with the engine torque and the effective damping which gives the Suzuki 250 and Suzuki 450 impressive traction.

You’ll understand: the Suzuki RM-Z 250 and Suzuki 450 RM-Z 2014 Valenti are really powerful for Enduro use. It sports what! For hiking, the Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-X, less fun, will be probably more adequate. $ 8,999, The Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti and €9 299 Suzuki 450 RM-Z Valenti, here are two bikes suitable for play at the forefront of a Motocross or in an Enduro.

Suzuki 250 RM-Z Valenti Pictures Gallery

Suzuki Valenti 450 RM-Z Pictures Gallery

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