Vespa 946 ABS/ASR: A Unique Model

Buy a scooter 125 cm3 €9,000 is certainly not reasonable! Yes but now the icon called Vespa 946 is incomparable a two-wheeler to share, a singular model luxury and elegance, with high-tech equipment found in its segment. We had a chance to try the elitist. Free from defects? Read more!

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Mid-scooter, half a work of art, the Vespa 946 is a unique model in the world of two wheels. We, journalists, admire his appearance at trade fairs, we already know.

But this is confirmed today in Paris, where we have the great honor of walking to the handlebars of the rare retro, observed from all sides by fellows, totally stunned! It must be said that this exclusive Vespa has what type in the eye of passers-by, scooter gender sensitive or not… His style was nostalgically delighted (it is modeled on a prototype 1946), its color white arraigned, as its saddle and its handles laded in leather flamboyant red. The singularity of this “Wasp” (Vespa in the language of Giorgio Armani), possesses many aluminum parts, whereas traditionally the mythical Italian brand employs steel in its ranges.

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Its hulls, as his front fender, consist of beautiful alloy, but the most prominent remains his post of steering the flashy controls and the handlebar to the brushed texture, on which is installed a particular single headlight. Powerful LEDs illuminate the roadway and the Vespa 946 logo, melted in the protective glass.

Vespa 946 Elegance and pleasure

The journal of retail is far from over, Vespa wants to score the spirits; the manufacturer has indeed refined to the extreme this amazing scooter. The shot is found on the Vespa 946 other unpublished pieces, like the underside of the saddle in aluminum, the ends of handlebars, the finish placed at the center of the front wheel, logos and mirrors of the same material, but chrome this time.

Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

This shade is also worn by handbag with outstanding design and the circular room located under the seat on which the indication I remember Italian 2013′ is etched, an indelible mark in this limited series. Don’t misunderstand, as a few curious who have asked us the question, the accessory hides a point mechanism operating the opening of the saddle, but only the lock is placed on the left side.

Under the beautiful sitting with a hydraulic cylinder, there are no storage spaces, except at the level of the rear part where, under plastic, a stamped Briefcase Vespa 946 can be stored.

The manufacturer of the Vespa 946 is no slouch. The qualities of the paintings, leather full grain, but also from the Assembly, are just stunning. We also appreciate the chrome finishes of the taking of the central area, the tail light, and the edges of the apron and the floor, even if it is true that the junction of the two Side strips could be better worked. We are butterflies, certainly, but at €9,000 scooter, this little detail is not welcome. There however the smile with the key of the apparatus, exposing the same curve that the rear wing of the Vespa, a historical form.

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

A good home… for great templates

The Vespa 946 is not a mere object of contemplation. It is made to roll, hence our role today, give you all the information about its dynamic characteristics. To the drive, it should already settle on its base, which is not given to all but perch at 830 mm; it is indeed a point more accessible. Fortunately, thanks to its tapered tip, small stencils can put the tip of the toes to the ground.

On the floor, we find plenty of room and the remoteness of the apron like a Vespa GTS is ideal for large drivers. The pilot views a dash as digital, nice, and readable. Information to the right stalk scrolling is easy, in the presence of perfectly placed ergonomic controls.

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

It is located on the LCD keypad with all classical information, as well as a nice logo representing the scooter (without specific purpose), a segmented gauge, clock, and lights marking the presence of ABS and ASR, the system limiting the pneumatic slides rear acceleration.

The bow offers a protective width, but the absence of jumping-of-wind is unfortunate when we want cruisers on expressways. Furthermore with its engine of 125 cm3 developing 11.6 horses, identical to that which team the Vespa LX (almost 35 kg lighter), the Vespa 946 offers good approval. That is what we will now test!

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Vespa 946: more reassuring than the LX and the S

The little disturbing tone of the air cylinder and its exhaust (known him also), good throttle response and ability to nervous takeoffs, the Vespa 946 is assessed in the city. We find him a lot of agility, as always on the trans-alpine models, but it differs from the ‘small bodies’ range for its comfort. The seat is soft and the adoption of a new shock absorber gas, placed horizontally, brings great flexibility to conduct, even on the floor of the beautiful areas of the capital.

This equipment also reassures in a curve and as the Vespa 946 has wheels well sized (12-inch), it does not lack rigor on the angle. Thanks to ABS and tires to cover slips (Michelin City Grip), evolving on wet pavement is envisaged with serenity. But with ASR mounted on this technology showcase, given the strength of moderate gear, even in the worst weather, it is very rare that it clicks into action.

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

A low-engine extension

With a maximum speed measured at 97 mph on the GPS, the traffic on roads such as the device is possible. But given the lack of velocity of the cylinder in high revs, the Vespa 946 times are not particularly marked. On this ground, for overstaying the anticipation is the rigor. Anyway, the Vespa 946 is not made for the dirt imposed by commuting.

Luxurious unreasonable models to purchase, its owners will certainly prefer to evolve to a place with a view to another. Those points of importance attached to the capacity of their sumptuous mount and royal file to have practical, aspects of a side stand for example.

 Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Balance sheet: A collector is born

To make the most beautiful and the most emblematic of the Vespa, the Italian brand has not skimped on the means. It is a scooter with rare elegance, incomparable luxury, and stunning production, equipped with the latest technological innovations of the brand as its equipment as to its cycle part.

But rather than to equip it with a not-out-of-necessity useful anti-skating (ASR) with the eyes of the fitters that we are (ground in the regular tests of ‘conventional ‘ machines approachable to the common of scooter riders), we would have preferred finding more hirsute motorization – here such monorails it in liquid cooling which equips Great VESPA GTS 125 (almost 15 horses).

However, taking into account the land on which it should roll (or not, finally, both found his account in contemplation of the gear); this seems to be sufficient for the urban cult followers. As €9000 is the object trend, moreover produced in a very limited series, it is above all for its collector should raise the purchase.

Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model
Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model

Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model
Test Vespa 946 ABS/ASR 2013: A unique model
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