Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350, and Kymco Xciting 400i

With the arrival of Yamaha X-Max 400 and the Kymco Xciting 400i, the family of the maxi-scooters of medium capacity takes sports accents. Which is most sharpened? In the daily do they introduce more arguments than GT Piaggio X10 350, a new icon of the segment? The answer is to read here!

 Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

The segment maxi-scooter of medium capacity introduces a new face. In the past preserve of Honda Silverwing 400, Suzuki Burgman 400, and other Yamaha Majesty 400, it is populated even predominantly with scooters GT today – whose Piaggio X10 350 is the most recent representative – but he sees this year entering in his circle two new tops of the range in plastic more distinguished: Yamaha X-Max 400 and Kymco Xciting 400i.

Given the success of the Yamaha X-Max 125 and TMAX 530, this new trend scooter blown through the market makers is understandable.

But every day, the most extreme midsize remains easy to live. These devices retain a power/weight ratio to their advantage, a lower rate of 6000 €, an expense of maintenance, and contribution of insurance more accessible than the powerful cars of the category (TMAX 530, Suzuki Burgman 650, BMW C 650 GT / C 600 SPORTS) are they practical while being play? To draw it in the light, the doctor organized a meeting between Piaggio X10 350, Yamaha X-Max 400, and Kymco Xciting 400i. Weighed, consumption, timing, practical measurements and felt by the pilots, both sportsmen of instant and the most sophisticated of GT midsize revealed to us all their secrets.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Yamaha X-Max 400: A style that hits the bull’s eye

‘Wow, this is the new X-Max? ‘Walking along the handlebars of Paris Yamaha X-Max 400, the question of Parisian commuters crossing our path is inevitable. Believing they have in front of them the new model 125, our fellow scooter riders remain however surprised to discover the capacity of our horse. The motorcycle license holders are delighted. Not daring to venture into the land of the ‘king’ Yamaha TMAX 530 scooter they deem too expensive and too coveted, even they admit the 400 a true intermediate in the scooter range with three forks, a machine with a mechanical faster than the X-Max 250 and especially a stronger unique sporty style.

This attractive dynamic look is perfectly in tune with Japanese, as Kymco also benefits. The single cylinder of the X-Max is the least powerful of this comparison, but thanks to its transmission it is however the most vivid at startup. With this heart installed in a rigid chassis, suspended by firm elements, particularly in the back, strict’ Yam shows precision.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

The athlete is comfortable in town

In town, we appreciate the Yamaha X-Max 400 for its agility. The driving range on the front position if adapted to sport mode here reinforces the workability and as it shows a homogeneous distribution of its mass, and is also a very good motor, it seemed most at ease in this field.

For this model to sportsmanship, Yamaha has treated its practical aspects with a safe enough to engulf two full-face helmets while the Kymco Xciting also sports, can accommodate only one. Opening the saddle Yamaha is nothing annoying. It must indeed turn the key switch with one hand and lift the saddle on the other. However, the X-Max has two two-pocket apron, which is certainly less than the Piaggio X10 350 which has three, but it’s still better than the Taiwanese who did this one.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Comfort and protection Spartans

The notion of comfort is summarized on board the Yamaha X-Max 400. The saddle, shock absorber, and protection of the party before are perfect. Thanks to the lightly upper height of the windshield and the presence of lateral vents at the level of hands, the pilot is preserved more than on the Kymco Xciting 400. It however has got nothing to do with the protection of Piaggio X10 350.

But if one chooses this kind of scooter of average rolled with the sporting spirit, we imagine that this criterion will pass in the second plan. Because of the high quality of the Yamaha X-max 400, it is its part cycles, the best of this comparative, but also its braking, powerful and easy to proportion. Its quality of manufacturing is also amusing and its equipment of quality, with the image of its most successful instrument panel.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Yamaha X – Max 400 2013: our measurements

  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 runs): 6’62
  • Turning radius: 3.48 m
  • Consumption of the test: 4.98 l/100 km
  • Weight all full facts: 213 kg (AV 87.6 kg ) AR 125.4 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 151 km/h to the stopwatch, 162 km/h with the meter

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Piaggio X10 350: Best Scooter

Appearing last year, the model Piaggio X10 350 immediately captivated crowds. New scooter GT Italian manufacturer Piaggio, which with its famous X 9 had already initiated the genre at the dawn of the year 2000, this long and massive gear catches the eye for its innovative, all-in-rounded lines. Its atypical faces allure as much. Installed on his broad saddle, the softest of the compare, the pilot discovers a position of control more releasing, where the legs easily are lengthened, contrary to the positioning that the two sporting competitors impose.

The control layout is good, but given the proliferation of buttons on this scooter, ‘all options’ that activate the hazard warning lights are located on the console of the deck, which is impractical and even dangerous! On this point, the Yamaha X-Max 400 is better, with a button that activates the right thumb. With a switch on the front of the right stalk, the warning of Kymco gets underway index, which is less convenient than the Yamaha.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

350 cm3, and then!

Long the most important wheelbase, weight, and size of the comparative, low position and expanse of the pilot, Piaggio X10 350 is not the easiest to inscribe in the curve. If at low speed they feel a certain easiness in its handlebar, where from its wealth in the city, spanking gives the impression that when the front bows, the back follows with a light gap. On the sports ground, therefore, his two rivals outclass it, without outdistancing it.

Because if its part cycle shows more flexibility, its chassis remains rigorous and its force-fed motorization d ‘ amenities. The Italian single-cylinder makes almost 50 cm3 to his rivals; he nevertheless proved more powerful (but with less horsepower) as the engine that drives the Yamaha. Suddenly on the exercise of the 100 m starting order, if it cannot pass the X-max, it fits perfectly at the height of the 400 Xciting. The fact remains that on quick voices, it loses points side lengthens, returning almost a dozen km / h in tops to the two others. On this ground, its handling is on the other hand one of its strong points, as the very good protection of its party before.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Piaggio 10 350 X: best equipped

Besides its interesting dynamic qualities and the output of its mechanics, the Piaggio X10 350 is appreciated for its qualities of GT. In the presence of a broad-lit chest and numerous areas of tidying up in the facade, its throw weight is impressive. The passenger must compromise with a breadth of important bedding, but the site which is reserved for him the most approachable is here. Damage nevertheless that it does not have independent footrests, as on X-Max and Xciting.

However, as the pilot, it enjoys the best comfort here. Well-manicured manufacture, allocation of equipment (brake of parking in the deployment of the lateral, plate of edge supplements in motorized style, vents of legs, mapping ECO), Piaggio X10 350 impresses. Without option ant blockage of wheels, nor control of motility, such as his two rivals, his rate seems to us contained since it is shown in 5 699 € (really rely on 6 699 € for the model Piaggio X10 350 Executive ABS / ASR)

 Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Piaggio X10 350 2013: Our measurements

  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of the 3 timing): 7’ 11
  • Turning radius: 3.57 m
  • Consumption of the test: 4.9 l/100 km
  • Weight all full facts: 214.6 kg (AV 94.6 kg; AR 120 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 141 km/h at the stopwatch, 155 km/h at the counter

 Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

KYMCO Xciting 400i: midsize Xcitant

That progress in the first Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco! After K-XCT 125 who had already impressed earlier this year, this is the Kymco Xciting 400i model equally well done, that seduces us to its production as its design. Although the quality of some plastics, including those around the dashboard for example, and the texture of the seat are still a notch below the materials used on the other two maxi scooters that game. But it must be recognized that the new Kymco sport is attracting more and more rewarding.

We appreciate its aggressive fancies, its LED lights as well as the forms of its smoked bubble, powerful lighting and hold brake calipers way motorcycle sports. Its dashboard is however less sexy, and sleek course, but not very readable in daylight. Static, it is installed on his saddle, his backslash is one which we maintain the better on this compare and its controls fall instinctively under the hands. Mirrors are perfect. Placed at the correct height to not be annoying in traffic, very wide, and easily adjustable, they offer the best retro-vision.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Serious arguments in sporting control

Motor, action! The sound that emanates from the imposing exhaust silencer will delight the most sporting of us. The Kymco indeed has a sound identity stronger than his two rivals of the day, without being disturbing. As on the Yamaha X-Max 400 or Piaggio X 10 350, the answer to the handle is instant, the over-revving is vigorous and progressive. 80 Km/h and 110 km/h, this Xciting offers the best times. And the best lengthening piece also! It is indeed this Taiwanese that displays the best top speed (155 km/h real, against 151 km/h for Yamaha, 141 km/h for X10).

Lightweight, accurate, in the virolos his ease to be transferred from one edge to another bluffed us and its catch of angle is a notch above its adversaries – the Yamaha X-max 400 being on this exercise more limited. On supported breaking, Kymco Xciting 400 remains perfectly online.

Levers power is very good, but the escalations are a bit less than on X – Max 400. Damage as it does points to the same quality of gums as his opponents. The Maxis envelopes indeed appeared worse than riding the Yamaha (Michelin City Grip) or that of Piaggio (Michelin Power Pure SC).

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

It loses points on the practical

Side comfort, one finds a little same the characteristics as on Yamaha X-max, sporting models oblige. Its suspensions are slightly less dry than those of Yam but of little. In the presence of a shorter windshield, protection at high speed is the least good. One quickly feels the pressure of the air on the high hands and parts (shoulders and helmets), but the rest of the body is rather well preserved.

In terms of the practical aspects, Kymco Xciting 400i is also less generous than the other two, especially the X 10 bordering the no fault in this area. Certainly, it has as the Italian a parking brake, Yamaha did not, but unlike the Japanese does store a full-face helmet in its trunk and only a small handheld vacuum is installed on the left side of the deck. Sold € 5799 its price is set in front of the Yamaha X-Max 400, but it must be recognized that with only a 200 € difference, the difference between Taiwanese and Japanese production so important in the past, is today ‘ Today diminished. At the same time, Kymco has greatly increased its quality side.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Kymco Xciting 400i 2013: Our measurements

  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 timings): 7 ‘ 06
  • Turning radius: 3.84 m
  • Consumption of the test: 4.9 l/100 km
  • Weight all full facts: 209.6 kg (AV 87 kg; AR 122.6 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 155 km/h at the stopwatch, 165 km/h at the counter

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Comparative Assessment Maxi-scooters of Rolled Average 2013: The Favored Versatility

Excellent in terms of perceived quality, comfort, protection, practical aspects, or in the exercise of the duo, the Piaggio X10 350 wins this comparison – our table of note-taking into account 12 essential criteria on a scooter, it, rewards its versatility. Italian cubic GT 50 cm3 less than his rivals of the day, but thanks to the output of his one-cylinder he loses only in pure potency, not in amenity. The model sub-motorized X10 125 had lost the comparative of the category GT 125. With her 33 horses on the model 350, Piaggio takes back colors on the segment of midsize maxi-scooters.

Comparative Yamaha X-Max 400, Piaggio X10 350 and Kymco Xciting 400i

Just a stride behind the Yamaha X-Max 400 points in second place. With high-quality manufacturing Kymco, with a dash of fun with impeccable cycle, better protection, and more storage space part, beat the Taiwanese athlete. Damage to the Kymco Xciting 400, as a purely sporting term, it is he who is ahead of everyone.

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