MV Agusta Rivale 800 Review: The Hypermotard That Awesome!

At first sight, one is tempted to think that the MV Agusta Rivale 800 is a Brutale 800 redesigned supermotard, with a tad modified geometry and suspension with larger deflections. The truth is not so simple. As for the Rival an exceptional model, the firm Varies went much further than that. How? Find out in this first trial

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

Curse! This has not been ten minutes since we took orders for MV Agusta Rivale 800; we have no more than 10 kilometers, and already fine drops speckle the visor of our full. And in a Flash, the drizzle turns into a flood. To take the measure of the way MV Agusta hypermotard, there is no worst-case scenario! Knowing the raw performance and the explosiveness of the three cylinders of Varies, but also the requirement required from MV of the Drip-stone 800 platform steering, mapping Rain smoothing the nature of engine and adjustment of traction control to its highest level (8) will today not too.

Last year, during the presentation of the MV Agusta Rivale 800, Jupiter’s Thunderbolts fell therefore again in the Paca region, for a test of a new MV Agusta Rivale 800. No Bowl! However, for this first day of driving, this road trip watered turns eventually to more appropriate to validate changes to the accelerator with electronic control of the three cylinders of 798 cc. Because in addition to its driving position and its seating the least surprising comfort, that you appreciate already on the rival, unlike the B800 roadster, lies indeed in the gas handle. See this more in detail!

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

MV Agusta Rivale 800 A ride by wire (finally!) home

The three-cylinder MV Agusta Rivale 800 cm3 counter-rotating crankshaft is a sensations factory. Faithful readers of, you know them already since we peter out of praise to his subject during our tests on the MV Agusta Rivale 800 and the F3 800 sports. But you also know that to enjoy, some motorcycles experiencing’ strong character’ is essential. Today, coping with an uncertain response to the go-around at low and medium speeds is more than putting on the MV Agusta rival 800.

In one year, Verse engineers have indeed worked on this point, offering the new crossover from the brand a finally successful by-wire ride and new maps. The result, the instantaneous and progressive motor throttle response is healthy; no break from taint the over-revving, always as swift. Even better, now, 3 cylinders accept very low down the towers, well below the 3000 rpm, hiccuping little, even in the Sub-scheme.

On these beaches, the continuation of the light gas net is still manageable. Even on suddenly wet, if the outlet angle remains limited, it evolves with greater ease, without fear of being overwhelmed by a kicking of the rear tire after a variable response to acceleration. Moreover, a controlled well-set motor and the Pirelli devil Russo upstream of origin II, provide an excellent grip, and even on pavement soggy, a certain serenity reigns riding the MV Agusta Rivale 800 EAS.

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

MV Agusta Rivale 800 An original Look, debatable choices

For the second day of trial, the Sun finally made its appearance on the heights of defeat, near Nice. My goodness! We’ll finally be able to push the limits of the new Lombard diva to the promising potential. In the meantime however as the Sun dries the villainous laces to the surrounding passes, we detail the amazing design of this MV Agusta Rivale 800.

Press conference, Giovanni Castillo – the young president of MV Agusta – indicated we have wanted to create a ‘fun bike’ hybrid look, halfway between the roadster and off-road motorcycle. It follows a singular general line, a tank picked up, a fire front to the plate-Lighthouse enduro and a wide hand wraps look. Bella! But as on the first Ducati Hypermotard, flashing and remote mirrors are installed on these accessories, it seems to be a debatable choice. Same observation to the subject of the fender back to licking the wheel, on which the license plate and turn signals are installed. The visibility of the latter is not a terrible blow.

Unlike the Aprilia Dorsoduro, KTM SMR, and Ducati Hypermotard, the pioneers of the supermotard heavy-duty, but like a Husqvarna Nuda, rival has a front fender stuck to the wheel. What a way eventually of the kind, just as forms of its chassis inherited from brutal roadsters of average displacement. There again, this MV is placed at the crossroads of gender. His driving position is also hybrid.

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

What am I So Sitting in MV Agusta Rivale 800?

Span the MV Agusta Rivale 800 is not a part of pleasure. His saddle culminates at 881 mm, taking into account the statement back; short legs will not be at the party. Saddle notched to fingers from Tease and the fineness of the bike happily helps keep feet on the ground. But from the top of my 1.83 m, I can just put her feet flat.

The handlebar is wide and brought back to the bust. Slightly curved, it offers a right riding position, but not too much. Feet, there are the same type of controls only on the brutal, pretty remote, and helpful to fold legs. As for the thighs, they will coil perfectly under the sides of the tank, nothing too broad, however. Short, despite its appearance Hypermotard, the driving position is closer to that of a Yamaha MT-09, which is ultimately quite confusing.

There’s then a new meter MV Agusta perfectly readable. On the large LCD screen, besides the left gear indicator and the wide space granted to the counter downstairs, different proposed maps (rain, use normal, sport, and a fourth fully parametrized) are displayed on the right, above the (adjustable) traction control indicator. Engine running, the passage of one mapping via the right thumb is easy. On the other hand, the rubber button among others to adjust the traction control is still also a little ergonomic.

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

MV Agusta Rivale 800 The Factory Watts!

The stony sound of the three cylinders of MV Agusta has always something bewitching. At the stop, the slightest stroke of gas translates into a roar from the three sides, supported by the cavernous new air box, yet more audible grunting on MV Agusta’s rival 800. The needle climbs in the rounds without the slightest inertia, which translates into action by spectacular flights and a big trend in the wheeling on the torque of the two first reports.

800 Cm3 Trepistoni distills his 125 horsepower at 12000 rpm and torque of 8.4 daN.m 8 600 rpm as that channel. What debauchery! If the block times slightly towards 7000 rpm, it shall deliver a thick layer beyond to propel you tirelessly until the red zone is placed at 13,000 rpm.

High in the towers, with the passage of a bump, it still throws in the third. The better shot is worth not clinging to the handlebar of this ultra-light bike to the train before sharp. But as the rival power is more issued by levels and because of his driving position where one has the feeling of sitting directly on the front wheel, it better master the fervor of this spirited mechanics, devastating times, than on the MV Agusta Rivale 800.

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

Under the helmet, the banana!

Thanks to the lEAS – MV Agusta – series, electronic shifter the shift on the fly reinforces the sporty character of the rival. The accessory is convincing, with changes in report materializing by a small drop of the regime, 500 rpm at the most, and a small very nice ‘louse’ in the exhaust. No hassle with the clutch to the downshift: the command demonstrated flexibility, but one notes, however, that in these phases of slowdown, the triple MV always also offers little engine braking

In sports use the spine Bella nevertheless has a good system of braking, offering consistent power and a perfect progression. It already felt it on the part before brutal roadsters, but the rival shows a more convincing rear brake, is controlling with ease, and does not block easily. Fans of skiing turn input will find their account.

The rigidity of the frame, fully adjustable suspensions, and the rival firm offer lots of precision in the winding. Its cap maintenance hardly suited the flank criticism. The rival forgives also some approximations in the cockpit. A trajectory correction is easier and the bike is not instantly raised to brake on the corner taking.

 Test MV Agusta rival 800: The hypermotard that awesome!

Appraisal: The most sensational of the MV Agusta Rivale 800!

MV Agusta Rivale 800 we liked! Model the most successful of the Trepistoni range, its finish perfect rest but mounted a notch, its equipment – to the picture of the new counter – is pleasing and the better management of the acceleration is its strong point. This evolution, even adapted to the ride, despite its more enjoyable engine. In addition, his saddle well drawn on its back offers a certain comfort, as suspensions, while farms but offering more travel, come support.

Suddenly, the rival offers almost more versatility than small brutal. Nevertheless, it must contend with a worthy of a supertanker turning radius (with the Therefore saddle height stop maneuvers are cotton!), a width of handlebar/retro consequent to the lifts of files, a tank amputated almost 4 liters and a lack of protection for evolve on motorways.

So perfect for muscular weekend, it is still displayed at €12,690. The brutal equipped with series of the EAS at €10,690, MV Agusta made pay expensive novelty, for a difference of equipment which does not justify such a difference.

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