Test Peugeot Satelis 300i: Best Maxi-Scooter (Review)

On the sides of the Satelis 125 and Metropolis 400, Peugeot offers the Satelis 300 cm3, a GT statutory look at rewarding. Drift of the inescapable engine model 125 cm3, this Peugeot Satelis 300i proposed more approvals, for a rate content.

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

Pending the presentation of the Satelis 400 2014 at the Salon of the Motorcycle and Scooter Eicma of Milan (read our article here); the iron of Lance GT range marked the silver lion remains Peugeot Satelis 300.

Automotive inspiration, marked by the pleasing and modern ‘claw Peugeot’ (as designers houses like to say), nothing visually distinguishes the 125 available to permit auto (B) of this new Maxi-Scooter from average cylinder capacity, if this is of course its more hairy motorization, a single-cylinder borrowed from the great wheel Geopolis 300. Satelis 250 cm3 replacement, the Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013 promises more accreditation engine than its predecessor, while maintaining a very close weight of 125 models.

Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

A year after the release of the 125 so test here, we find this statutory GT in this new variation of the top segment. Point change on board, the saddle is always placed at 784 cm from the ground, offering the same accessibility. And if, for comfort, it offers a good width in its posterior part, its front pointed and tapered warrants to the templates means to have good support on the ground.

Less than 1.70 m will always experience the same difficulty in touching the Earth with both feet. In the presence of a central tunnel wide enough and high, it cannot embark only small bags on the ‘floor’. On the other hand, the running boards are spacious enough to provide freedom of movement, even at large sizes. Areas identified on the sides of the deck allow even to extend the legs and adopt a relaxed riding position. What a “cruiser”!

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

Peugeot Satelis 300i New, but not too much!

Top-of-the-range position obliges, the Peugeot Satelis 300i enjoys quality workmanship. In effect, our mount of test presentation of fairings shiny black well made, contrasting with taste with different inserts to the texture brush aluminum at the level of the passenger handles, openings for the rear end was taken off the air, around the central tunnel or on the flanks of the bow. The chromed parts encircling the lion’s front or highlighting the trunk are the most beautiful effects.

On the dashboard even observation. The instrumentation is structured around three dials circles of plastic so the chrome appearance is attractive. Speed to the left, tachometer on the right, on the digital pad of the central block found a clock, indicators of external temperature and engine temperature, a partial mileage, and a segmented gauge for the level of petrol. It is for the less complete and still readable.

However, we are somewhat disappointed to not find the instrumentation of the new Satelis 125i 2012, its widescreen LCD of 3.2 inches, and its on-board computer. To maintain a competitive rate, Peugeot has likely chosen to recycle this accessory present on previous generation Satelis. The finding is identical for the stalks of this new model. Too bad!

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

The full accreditation in Peugeot Satelis 300i

Storage space in the center of the handlebar that can accommodate a cell phone and a credit card for example, organizer of the left side of the deck and the trunk under saddle in so handy opening system, are very fortunately identical to the French GT 125 cc.

In Dynamics, Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013 led bust right, the lumbar perfectly maintained by a top and enveloping backsplash. With a not-too-high handlebars and a good width, the positioning of the arm is perfect for mastering his subject, without feeling any tired. The engine trans-alpine (different origin of the ‘made in France’ blocks that equip Satelis 125 and Metropolis 400) is particularly pleasant in terms of acceleration.

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

It must be said that with only 8 kg more than the 125 and almost as many additional horses, the advantageous weight/power ratio of the Maxi-Scooter mid-size offers more urban use accreditation. The answer to the handle is almost instantaneous and the take-off of the vessel is convincing.

It offers good times on the Paris ring road, however, barely it exceeds the 100 km/h it shows limits. With a 140 km/h peak (131 mph GPS) its extension is good, but however, we note that it is a little voluntary at this maximum speed.

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

Gross apple: No ABS available

Vehicle balanced, with of additional good turning radius, the Peugeot Satelis 300i is agile. It is also a good brakeman. The power of the levers is interesting, and the progress of the system is a strong point as it supports braking stability.

On the floor of origin of Michelin City Grip (of tires with slats more secure in the wet), we find him a reassuring character, but we have to recognize that it would be valuable to have the ABS coupled Peugeot (baptized ABS/SBS) option. However, the French manufacturer proposes that a version of the Peugeot Satelis 300, its livery Premium, and the ABS/SBS of the usual Urban or Executive of the 125 range are not available variations on the 300 catalog 2013. The low volume of sales of this type of switch is perhaps an explanation for this.

Like 125 which he took over the chassis, this average displacement Maxi-Scooter has good dynamic properties. 14-inch front wheel, 13 at the rear, his Cape curved peacekeeping is more convincing and its proper handling, at least until the approach of the 120 km/h speedometer where small movements in the direction have appeared on our test model. Under inflation No, we checked it. Bad balance maybe! To make this clear, we expect feedback from the bike doctor.

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

Balance Sheet: The alternative to 400 cm3

On the fast track, the silence of the operation of mechanics as the protection afforded by the balloon attached to the wide bow satisfied us. Our passenger of the day was also conquered by the independent craft, the presence of foot comfort, and wide well well-prepared handles. However lacked a back-splash for complete comfort, but the element is available in the Accessories catalog of the mark.

 Test Peugeot Satelis 300i 2013: Best Maxi-Scooter

Arguments to validate purchase certainly! Certainly! The Peugeot Satelis 300 is also available and costs € 5199. A fare placed, however, to have more amenities than the model Premium 125, force is recognized that 1 €200 is a substantial difference. That said, in the segment of the Maxi scooters of medium-sized cars, yet ‘light’ models trading for around €5 000 are becoming rare. We therefore seem to be a good alternative to the 400 models that abound, heavier, less agile, less comfortable, and ultimately more expensive.

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